I love books! book review #1

Review: Diapers, Dishes & Dominion: How Christian Housewives Can Change the World by Leah D. Smith

When I started raising my girls, I had a specific purpose in mind: Raise them to be godly. Raise them to be a blessing to others. But this parenting thing is a whole lot harder than you can possibly be prepared for!

I asked a couple of friends who’s parenting I respected based on how their children behaved, and a dear friend let me borrow a few books from her. A little while later she gifted this book to me, and one on farming for my husband (I really need to find that one…). I’m embarrassed to say, that though I did start to read it with good intention, it got moved to the back-burner. However, recently I decided to pick it up again and read it all the way through.

I cannot thank my friend (and God) enough for this book! It was completely different from what I expected it to be, and it has blown. my. mind.

Yes, this is a how-to book on how to raise your kids, and how to be a good mom.

Yes, you will get a bunch of advice from the author’s personal experience.

No, it will not be a written-out step-by-step plan, because all families are different, all people are different with different personalities and gifts, and so you do have to use some common sense for your own family.

However, this book is so much more.

This book is not for the weak of mind or the weak of heart. If you are the type of person who is set in your ways and hates change – DO NOT READ THIS BOOK! But if you have a teachable spirit, and are open to scripture transforming your mind and also willing to do your own homework, this book may be the blessing you need in your life this very moment.

I am now more at peace with the direction of my personal life, the direction of our family, and the direction of the universal church than I have ever been in my life. I am more excited and determined to move forward. I am feeling bolder in my faith as a Christian. I am excited about the future of the lives of my family, and the condition of our world.

I challenge every woman who calls herself a Christian, whether you have a family today, or are hoping for one in the future, to read this book.

I challenge every Christian woman who has ever been afraid to have a family based on your fear of the future to read this book.

I challenge any woman who is not afraid to take on a challenge to read this book.

I challenge every Christian man who is not afraid of his wife, buy her this book.



IMG_2144a portrait of my children. every week. once a week. in 2013.

Piper: loves

– playing outside

– being read to

– going to her Mimi’s house

– her rain boots

– hardcore music

Bridget: loves

– sleeping at night

– only her mama when upset

– a clean bottom

– a breeze on her face

– milk. frequently.


enjoying now : my time alone with piper

I think I’m going to end up devoting this weeks blogging to my daughter, Piper Quinn.


I can hardly believe I only have 10 weeks to go before Baby C. 2.0 is born. It seems as though this is a much faster pregnancy, and I wonder if the reason for that is because I am not in pain 100% of the time, or if it’s because I’ve been chasing a toddler around…maybe a bit of both.

At any rate, my time with Piper only is drawing to a close. Our family will be taking on a whole new dynamic in just a couple of short months. Piper will be a big sister, and not allowed to hog all of my attention. All of our hearts will grow in order to love one more person equally. She will have times of jealousy, rivalry, and annoyance. But she will also have a friend to play with, someone to show the family ropes to, and someone for whom to set an example for. She will start to shoulder a weight of responsibility that no one will bestow upon her except herself (because she is the oldest, and that is just what happens).

She is growing into such a funny little person. Her personality is entirely her own, and she constantly keeps me wondering “Where did she get that from?!”

Some of my favorite things?

 – her dancing that she throws her entire self into (I must get a video!)

– how she covers her mouth and looks shocked every time someone passes gas

– the way she scrunches up her face every time she tries to make the “n” sound

– the way she kisses the parts of mama and papas body that are most easily accessible at the time (a leg, an elbow, a belly, my bum…)

– how she is fascinated with her belly button

I hope, hope, SUPER hope that I continue to notice these quirks and unique personality traits she grows into as she ages even though I’ll have her sibling(s) to be watching develop as well.

I know I’m going to be just as in love with our new little one as I am with her, so it’s just a matter of enjoying these last weeks alone with her as much as I possibly can.


thursday thanks

7 of 8 chicks that have hatched…several more eggs remain unhatched

Taking time to reflect on God’s goodness, no matter the circumstances.

Thanking God for:

  • the opportunity to see chickens hatch. It is such a cool experience.
  • not being able to find my canner. There must be a reason I shouldn’t make dill relish today?
  • P being able to poop again, and for the wisdom to figure out it was a [cows] milk allergy.
  • being out of the woods with my morning sickness. Now just waiting for the burst of energy that comes along with the second trimester.
  • getting to meet with my midwife on Monday.
  • the wisdom imparted to me by my parents.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 “Give thanks in all circumstances for this is the will of God concerning you

thursday thanks

1 – our 1st ripening tomato / / 2 – pretty purple potato blossoms / / 3 – summer squash / / 4 – nursing kid / / 5 – goat hugs

Taking time to reflect on God’s goodness, no matter the circumstances.

Thanking God this week for:

  • restoring my computer to me!
  • the added blessing of a second goat in milk
  • fresh raw milk every day and homemade yogurt from said milk
  • learning new skills
  • the provision of food that is brought forth from the earth whose source isn’t the supermarket
  • cheap thrifted finds
  • a long afternoon nap for the little one
  • keeping me humble when I start to get a little self-righteous
  • my husband; without whom, my life would not be what it is. That he works so hard to make a reasonable place for our family and animals and that he challenges me to become more industrious, a harder worker, and a gentler wife, mother and woman.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 “Give thanks in all circumstances for this is the will of God concerning you