playing catch-up: in photos

1. & 2. Piper in her new winter hat and with her favorite gourd.

3. playing

4. finishing touches

5. 22 weeks preggers & hunting season

6. pork on the hoof (2 months to go till butchering!)

7. patiently waiting for clothes and already getting inspiration from soulemama

8. breakfast (leftover from making my very first turkey)


getting back to it

I think I finally got that burst of energy today! Piper’s nap time came around, and I didn’t feel like crashing (for once). So instead I thought I’d pick up my knitting and do something quietly productive.

Also, I actually got around to canning something, which I was starting to think wouldn’t happen. Yep. I made my first ever relish. Dill relish. I hate sweet/bread & butter. I don’t know how it has come out yet, but next time we grill I’ll find out!

Next on my to-do list today will be spicy pineapple chicken. Can’t wait!


from the kitchen

I made bread again!

This time the recipe came from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. It is the very first recipe in the book, and It takes no time to throw together. You don’t kneed it. You just put all the ingredients together in a bowl, mix them together and put it in the frige and forget about it till you want to make bread! On top of all that, it’s soooo yummy.

Piper also liked it pretty well. This was her very first time eating a sandwich and she loved it!