a little out of sorts

Sorry for the absence this week. I’ve been dealing with over exhaustion due to anemia. I’m on an iron supplement now, and feeling on my way up. I’ve also had a whiney (presumably teething) little girl to deal with and my patience with her has been short due to my tiredness. Not my greatest week of being mama, I assure you.

No “Piper’s Story” this week, but hoping to be on top of things for next week.


33 1/3 weeks


This is where my refrigerator used to live:

I got it from craigslist last year sometime. It’s small, but not too small, and perfect for the size apartment we have!

The reason for moving it is because this is where my oven range is going to be located.


We had been waiting for my dad to cut a hole n the wall for us to insert our refrigerator into. Behind the wall is an eaves/storage area. Dad insulated al the cracks that surround the fridge. Eventually he’ll put up molding around it, and it will look a lot nicer.

Joe is out on a construction job today (thank God) and so the oven hasn’t made it up yet. But just seeing that empty space waiting to be filled makes me so happy! Also, the plan is for Joe to get it in here tomorrow morning sometime. Yay! This gives me the day during nap times to clean my craigslist oven! Oh joy….