goat baby!

Just kidding. It’s actually a boy.

Joe and I have named him Bjorn. Marigold turned out to be the favorite for doe names though so it will be held for whenever we get one!

Sorry for the short post on Friday, but I had my hands full between taking care of Piper and checking on a goat baby and mama every couple of hours. That morning I was faced with the challenge of going in green and making sure the kid was able to latch onto it’s mama (apparently domesticated goats have lost that instinct?) and making sure that mama goat was getting taken care of with enough water, grain, and molasses.

A friend from church who has a farm of many animals came over to see our new arrival and helped me realize my error in figuring out the gender. Oops! She will also be over today to disbud (remove the horn nubbies) him.

Belle is such a good first-time mama. We didn’t have to deal with her rejecting her baby.

And he is a fun-loving little guy who jumps and prances and is so affectionate. He’s absolutely adorable!

over the weekend

Over the weekend //

~ we watched as Belle’s due date came and went and we still are baby goat-less.

~ I cut out the pieces for my new spring top.

~ we threw my sister-in-law a baby shower and I got to give her my tiny knits.

~ Joe and my dad built a milking stand (which is making me stress just a little less).

~ I made the most amazing pizza I ever had.

~ Joe got the opportunity to hang out with “the guys.”

~ Posted on Broken Record Confessions.

Did you do anything fun or interesting over the weekend?

photos lately

Sorry for my absence yesterday. It was a gloomy day and I just didn’t have any motivation to blog. Plain and simple. Today isn’t much different, but I shall anyway. Sometimes I need to force myself to blog, but quite honestly, blogging is the one place where I feel like I get some “me time” so I really need to try to stay on top of it.

Piper has tried some new whole foods lately (as in: not mashed)

photo 1: pickle
photo 2: carrot
photo 3: Cheerios

I’ve been trying to work on some projects.

photo 6: Zac’s scarf (ugh!)
photo 7: shirt turned skirt/dress for P
(i am saving the buttons for future knitting/sewing. they are fantastic!)

I am so excited that spring has officially sprung!

photo 8: leaves are popping out on the trees

Over the weekend I failed to photograph:

pictures of my baby sister’s bridal shower
pictures of friends coming to visit

Tuesday is usually the day that mama and Piper go out together and have a girls morning out. We normally go to the library and have play group/nursery time. However, today Joe has painting work (yay!) and actually has it for the rest of the week and maybe into next week (*fingers crossed*). So P and I don’t mind giving up a week or two of play dates in order to let Papa provide for us. Thank the Lord for His provision!

I really think that the weather the past 2 days has put me in an off mood. Not a bad mood. Just blah. Thankfully today looks like it will be bright and cool. Plus I think sister and I are going out shopping and I haven’t been doing that in a very long time!

Happy Tuesday!

a few updates.

Hello. Here are a few updates for you out in Blogland.

1 Last weekend’s SSFE Blog Hop didn’t go so well. Thank you to Inspired for participating. It also seems that no one is interested in giveaways. I just don’t think I have enough of a readership to start introducing fun interactive things just yet. Maybe I will in a year or two.

2. I am running out of inspiration for my weekly Self-Sustainability for Everyone post so…rather than doing one every week, I will do a post here and there in the series as I either think of a topic or actively participate in something I consider to fall into the category. If you, my dear reader, can think of a SSFE topic, please post a blog of your own and link up with Hipster Homesteading and comment about it! I’d love to get inspiration from you!

3. As a filler to take up the space where SSFE used to be, I will try to be more faithful in documenting the different projects I [plan to] undertake. Things such as:

  • cleaning and making over my oven
  • attempting soapmaking
  • joining the ‘no poo’ movement (this has nothing to do with excrement)
  • goat & garden progress
  • attempting cheesemaking
  • knitting, sewing, and embroidery
  • recipes
  • book & music reviews
  • mama-ing
  • etc.

4. Sisters, please check out my other blog, Broken Record Confessions, over the weekend!

Have a great weekend!


I can’t believe what a gorgeous day it is today! I really don’t feel like blogging, to be honest.

But I must. It’s important for me to keep track of things.

Yesterday after church we went out into the yard. Joe and dad discussed what we will be doing on the property as far as animals and the garden will look this year.

God has been incredibly good to us, and now we need to hold up our end of the bargain and be good stewards of the things He has blessed us with.

Vilté, one of our original goats.

Belle, our newest and pregnant goat

We have 2 new goats to care for, along with one of our originals.
One of those goats will be giving birth at the end of next month and we will be milking for the first time!
We are gearing up to plan out which seeds need to get started
I’d love to have an herb garden this year, but the trick will be deciding with my mom where to put it since we will share it.

All this with taking care of a little one who is more and more mobile every day!

Blessings and stewardship are such a fine tension.

good morning

Papa had to do some errands this weekend, so his girls begged him to take them along.  Piper is never so happy as when she is riding in the car!

Her taste in music now includes

Florence and the Machine
Shane & Shane
City and Colour

I’ve been trying to get her to crawl, because I know it’s important for babies to crawl before they walk, but she is constantly trying to pull herself up onto short furniture. When you hold her up by her hands she is putting one foot in front of the other to move forward. She also hates tummy time, so I have to endure her wails if I am to teach her to crawl. Motherhood may be rewarding, but boy is it tough!


I have a highchair.
It is made of wood.
It was given by friends who’s children are grown and have families of their own.
I love it.
Piper does not
because it is hard.


I endeavored to make a comfy cover for it
to suit my baby.

I also made some bibs as a shower gift for someone at my church.
This is my favorite bib pattern ever.

I use velcro.

Also this makes me want to sew all my kids’ clothing

weekending: father’s day

This year Joe and I had or first Mother’s and Father’s Days  as parents. Now if we could only just meet our child… 🙂

Today was a nice day spent with friends and family.

Happy Father’s Day to the patriarchs in my life!

My mom and her dad – my Papa.

My dad.

And yes, ladies and gents, this is the love of my life and father of my child – Joe.