we like music!

Piper has been really into music lately. I noticed that she would turn her head to listen to the theme music from the BBC series Larkrise to Candleford which I recently finished watching.

This morning the little missy was being a little cranky pants which no amount of toys, clapping, or tickling could appease. But then I played a video from one of the blogs I frequent which featured music by The Black Keys, and she went from meltdown to glee! She shook her hands, kicked her feet, and started “singing.”

Needless to  say we scrambled to find if we had anything by the Black Keys on our computer (sadly only one song). Joe had 3 cds, but my computer has decided it no longer wants to rip music. Such a bummer, but oh well!

I think I will spend the weekend experimenting with the different music we have to see what she likes. So far she doesn’t seem to really be a fan on Fleet Foxes. Sad times. Maybe on monday I’ll have a list of things she likes and dislikes!

from the shelves of my library

Currently reading:

The Housewife’s Handbook: How to Run the Modern Home by Rachel Simhon

This isn’t so  much something you’ll want to read from cover to cover, but rather to use as a reference guide.

*How to eradicate mold from your bathroom
*How to clean that oven you’ve let collect grease drippings for the past 10 years or more
*How often to clean your windows or curtains
*How to dust properly (an important one for me)
*Green household cleaner recipes

As I get ready to move into my first home-of-my-own with a husband with allergies (to I haven’t yet figured out what) and a newborn baby, these are important things for me to stay on top of. It applies very well to my situation as well, as I intend on becoming a full time housewife and stay-at-home-mom starting July 1st.

Recently watched:

True Grit by The Cohen Brothers

Okay, this one isn’t from my personal library, but was rented from Redbox.

This is a Cohen Brothers (The Man Who Wasn’t There, Fargo, No Country for Old Men, Burn Notice) remake of the movie True Grit, originally out in 1969, starring John Wayne. Never saw that version, so I have no comment as to how they stack up against one another.

I wasn’t a personal fan, but that’s not to say that it wasn’t a good movie. It was pretty decent and well acted. I’m just not one for enjoying westerns. I did enjoy that for the most part (other than when Jeff Bridges character, Rooster, slurred his speech when drunk) there was no use of contractions. One would think that would be irritating, but actually I thought it made everything sound more old fashioned and authentic to the time period.

Listening to:

The Valley by Eisley

The same hauntingly beautiful vocals as ever, and lyrics so heartbreakingly sad. As much as I want to play this over and over, it is so depressing to me right now.