playing catch-up: in photos

1. & 2. Piper in her new winter hat and with her favorite gourd.

3. playing

4. finishing touches

5. 22 weeks preggers & hunting season

6. pork on the hoof (2 months to go till butchering!)

7. patiently waiting for clothes and already getting inspiration from soulemama

8. breakfast (leftover from making my very first turkey)

beach day

Today Piper and I went with my parents and brothers to visit my Uncle and Aunt at Salisbury Beach. This was Piper’s very first time to the beach ever! I know, I know…what took me so long?

Piper very much enjoyed watching all the children playing in the water. However, she was not a fan of the icy water, herself and was content to play on the sand just out of reach of the tide.

This was also the first time I’d changed a baby after letting her play in the sand. It’s amazing all the places sand can hide even after you think you’ve wiped it all off! But she had a good time and that’s all that matters. She will sleep good for her mama tonight!

while I was away

Hello Monday!

We got my computer this weekend, and being able to blog again really feels like having an old friend back.

Here are some things you’ve missed while I’ve been away!

Our garden has taken off! If you ask him, Joe will tell you that it’s not much, but this garden is quite substantial in comparison to what we’ve had in the past few years.¬†Currently we have growing :

  • Indian corn (good for cornmeal!)
  • wheat
  • tomatoes
  • onions
  • peas
  • beans
  • lettuce
  • broccoli
  • cabbage
  • brussel sprouts
  • eggplant
  • summer squash
  • cuccumber
  • 2 different varieties of melon
  • huckelberry
  • parsnip
  • a variety of different herbs

Today we got a new goat, Rosie May, who is currently still in milk! So starting this evening we will be milking 2 goats at once!

I feel enormously blessed in the goat department. From our point of view, Joe and I feel so under prepared and ill equipped to raise these beautiful and generous animals. Over the past year, we lost two goats. One was an unexpected and strange death, and the other was lost to sickness last month. We felt like terrible goat owners for not knowing enough to catch it in time. However, we have been blessed with generous friends who were willing to bless us with replacement goats for the 2 we lost, and we have been plunged into the world of milking!

I have found milking to be one of the most soothing things for me to do. I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I do. Our new mother, Belle, is a little feisty in the stand, and we’ve lost a couple of pails of milk due to her either kicking or planting her foot in the bucket, but I have learned to just keep a watch out for the hoof and be faster than her in pulling the pail away. Aside from that, she and her kid are very very sweet.

This month Piper:

  • started walking!
  • got to go to her first parade for the 4th! She was absolutely fascinated by all the sirens, cars, and marching bands.
  • turned 1-year-old last week! She had her first taste of cake and frosting, and she absolutely loved all her gifts!

That’s all for now. I hope to share with you a look at a few things that are exciting me lately, and also hoping to share some big news in the month to come (fingers crossed)!

computer issues

Just to let everyone know, I have not left this blog intentionally blank. My computer is dead, as in, not holding a charge. I’ve tried a different cord, and that is not the problem. So, until we can get to Portland to bring our computer to be fixed at the mac store, blogging isn’t happening. Today I am posting from my parents computer which isn’t convenient.


(Thrifted Nine & Co. shoes $6.99 and baby Levis sneaks $1.99.)


Lately we / /

  • Have gone visiting Joe’s family in Kansas (photos forthcoming).
  • Have gone thrifting, yard-saling,¬† and antiquing (there will be more photos, but see my and Piper’s new shoes!?).
  • Are getting ready for a Memorial Day weekend – Friday, Saturday, Monday (we don’t work on Sunday) – yard sale. Please contact me on facebook for an address if you’re interested in coming.
  • Are planting herbs and veggies and plotting out my herb garden.
  • Are taking care of a teething baby who isn’t feeling or napping well this week.
  • Are cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!

So until We get our computer back, sorry for the lack of posting.

found this in the backyard…looks pretty fresh!

If you can tell me where the line that I used for my title comes from you get a figurative gold star (my siblings are excluded from answering).

I’ve been wanting to do more foraging, and so I have a feeling you will see more foraging posts over the course of these warmer months.

Pictured above is¬†plantain¬†that I picked right out of my backyard. Much like dandelions, it is a “weed” that is also an herb. Plantain used to be a plant that grew only in Europe and central Asia, but came to America with the English settlers. Now it can be found pretty much everywhere. The native Americans would call it the “White-man’s footprint” or “Englishman’s foot” because it appeared wherever the white man went. The reason for that being because of how fine it’s seeds and it would cling to the soles of their boots, spreading the seed wherever they walked.

Plantain’s uses are beneficial both orally and topically. Young plants may be used for salad greens as they are the most tender. A list of the benefits of the plantain herb may be found here.

So, I picked some plantain, washed it and dried it in a paper towel, and added it to last night’s salad. I think that maybe my greens weren’t as small and young as they should have been, for they were a bit tough¬†compared¬†with the rest of my salad greens. The flavor was very good, though! I will definitely be making plantain part of my regular salads this summer. It’s local, and it’s in season!

over the weekend

Over the weekend //

~ we watched as Belle’s due date came and went and we still are baby goat-less.

~ I cut out the pieces for my new spring top.

~ we threw my sister-in-law a baby shower and I got to give her my tiny knits.

~ Joe and my dad built a milking stand (which is making me stress just a little less).

~ I made the most amazing pizza I ever had.

~ Joe got the opportunity to hang out with “the guys.”

~ Posted on Broken Record Confessions.

Did you do anything fun or interesting over the weekend?

it made me happy

the quest for sight / /

I need new glasses, It has been at least 2 years since I have had an exam. The glasses with the prescription from my last exam broke a year ago, and so my spares don’t have even that current of a prescription in them. My sight is better with my glasses than without, but I’m still squinting to see things. I need new glasses.

Joe got me new glasses for my birthday in January. But I haven’t got them yet, because we can’t afford them.

This week week found out how much we’re getting back in taxes and…

we’re getting me an eye exam and new glasses!

But it gets better!

Last night I went to a silent auction and wine tasting at the library.

I used to work here so I really enjoy supporting my library.

I scoped out the items up for bid.

I didn’t have to look long before I found this little gem:

The best part is that the Dr.’s office was the very one I was planning to see all along (I need to switch to a new Dr. who is closer to where I live)!

Bid placed.

Bid won!

Discount eye exam!!

Warby Parker glasses, here I come! Or maybe these from BonLook?

So this was my exciting news. Sorry if it’s not as exciting to you as it is to me, but I really need new glasses.

now entering the ‘no poo’ zone / /

I’ve decided to go ‘no poo.’

I always thought people who didn’t wash their hair were gross dirty hippies. It didn’t occur to me that just because someone didn’t use shampoo, doesn’t mean they don’t wash or bathe at all. Then I read this and thought…”eh, maybe it’s not so bad?”

I told my mom about it and ¬†she began doing it last week. She said her hair feels so clean and soft and doesn’t get as greasy so fast. After one week.

I got out my ingredients

I use 1 tbsp. of baking soda and added it to a peri bottle left over from when I had Piper. I filled the rest with warm water and shook it up so it dissolved.

Next I got a mason jar and added a tbsp of apple cider vinegar & 2 drops of lavender essential oil (I may try peppermint next time for fun). I filled it with the shower water.

Step #1 : squirt on enough of the baking soda solution so that it gets on evenly over the scalp. No need to do all your hair. Massage your scalp and then rinse in shower water.

Step #2 : rinse all your hair in the vinegar solution and work it through all the ends of your hair. I needed the whole quart jar because my hair is rather long.

First attempt, BEFORE:

First attempt, AFTER:

Still pretty greasy. But they say there’s a period of this happening. I will stick it out and document my progress.