a little out of sorts

Sorry for the absence this week. I’ve been dealing with over exhaustion due to anemia. I’m on an iron supplement now, and feeling on my way up. I’ve also had a whiney (presumably teething) little girl to deal with and my patience with her has been short due to my tiredness. Not my greatest week of being mama, I assure you.

No “Piper’s Story” this week, but hoping to be on top of things for next week.


33 1/3 weeks

knitting friday

I said I would post my knitting once a week. This way I can show you if you’re interested. If you’re not, you only have to endure it once a week, and not EVERY DAY!

Here is some of my pre-Christmas knitting:






1. baby booties!

2. girl version baby blanket (still need to finish my boy blanket)

3. leaf garland headband that I improvised (my husband is a good sport)

4. a mounted deer head given to one of my nephews

5. a commissioned hat I knit for a friend to give her husband for Christmas (my first paid work!)

I had put down my needles pretty much from Christmas till this week. It has been rough because I had volunteered for a test knit (so sorry Justyna!), have a a baby hat swap hat to make and mail out by the end of the month, 2 items still to knit for my niece and nephews (Andi, the gifts will arrive, I promise) and send, and a KAL (knit-a-long) project to finish by the end of the month. Phew! I feel like I have more knitting to do this month than I did for Christmas!

Not to mention that I have yet to take our New Years Photos and have those mailed out (so sorry family). 3 weeks of either being off your feet or taking care of others really puts you majorly behind!

Well I picked them up again this week, and knit a couple of things to get myself motivated to to fulfill my knitting obligations . I felt absolutely overwhelmed by the things that are left to do, and yes, I am going to try to get them all done in less than 2 weeks (I’m insane). Each project I tried to get back to, I had zero motivation. No inspiration for what patterns to pick for a special niece and nephew, no desire to pick up any already-started project (or WIP as we say in the knitting community). I needed to get my head in the game.

This usually means a bit of quick baby knitting. It did just the trick to get me back in the knitting groove.

IMG_1370My little Knit-a-Long group is hosting a mitten pattern donation KAL right now (Click here for details, there’s still time to join!), and I had started the project. So I picked up my half finished mitten and figured I’d better at least finish one of them!


1. Camilla Babe Sweater

2. Dew Drops Mitts

That’s all till next week where I plan to have ALL of my required knitting DONE!!

sorry for the absence…

I’ve been away for quite a bit, but I’m hoping to get back to posting more regularly.

I actually don’t know who reads this, if anyone, but it’s nice for my own delusions to think that people do. I hope to make this blog as interesting to as possible to the hipster/homesteader/stay-at-home-mom demographics, and anyone else out in cyberspace who happens to care.

As of right now I am back to living on my parents property. Joe and I are living in a pop-up camper in their back yard which is closer to the things which we want to be doing – planting, living closer to our animals, being in our own space.

Construction on our apartment is under way, though it is going slowly and I am unsure whether or not this baby will be born in a home or in a camper. God is pressing us pretty tightly these days, but maybe that’s just what happens when you have convictions and then try to live them out. Oi vey.

On the plus side, we are excited! We have our goats to feed and hopefully stud this summer and milk this fall/winter, we have our rabbits (not pictured) to give us manure for our garden, pigs for slaughter in the fall and meat for the coming year, and chickens because fresh eggs are superior.

We have the following plants growing right now:
garlic – pictured above
watermelon – pictured above
sweet potatoes
barley – for homebrewing
and more on the way!

In preparation for the baby, I have bought just about all of my home birthing supplies. I just need the plastic sheeting for covering everything up. I’m at 37 weeks, and the baby will be arriving any time between now and the next 5 weeks! Eek! Still, preparing for his/her arrival is so much fun.

Really hoping our apartment will be done and we’ll be moved in before this little one decides to grace us with it’s little presence.