genius clothing storage

I’m sorry for the absence, but I have been completely unmotivated and exhausted this week. Piper has been waking up much earlier than normal, and I’ve been napping instead of blogging. I do not regret my decision.

Last night however, Piper decided to sleep. Ah, glorious sleep! Which resulted in my finding fresh motivation for the day.

I want to share with you what I have endeavored to do. I wish I could claim this idea as my own, but it isn’t. I got it from a friend who posted a photo on facebook the other day. It is truly Pinterest worthy.

I just purchased airline tickets for our little family to fly out to Wichita, KS next weekend to visit my in-laws. We’re going out for Joe’s brother’s high school graduation. Because we don’t really want to have to check more than one bag, we are going to have to brainstorm how to use the suitcase space to it’s best potential.

Packing for a baby requires twice as much as packing for an adult. Twice as many clothes + diapers + food/drink + bibs, etc.

Then I saw this idea.

I also have had issues with Piper having more clothing than her tiny dresser can fit. We don’t have any closets in our home so everything has to go in drawers or on hooks.

But this idea is so great that it should sold all our storage problems. At least where Piper is concerned. Don’t judge me for the clutter – this is P’s dresser.

As you can see clothes are peeking out, because they are stuffed in so tightly – folded.

These are not quite vacuum sealed. Actually what I did was put the garments in 1 gal. freezer bags, seal almost to the end, squeeze out air rolling from the bottom up, and seal off.

I’m not OCD, but the way I have these things ordered is pretty OCD.

I have everything separated by size, sets, and type.

Example: 12 mo. dresses, 12 mo. dresses w/ panties, 6-12 onsies, 12- 18 month long-sleeved onsies, etc.

Makes everything so much easier for boxing up when she grows out of them too! I have a feeling I’ll be bringing out her smaller sized clothing to bag very soon!

how do i get rid of stains!?

Yesterday I did laundry just like any other laundry day. I had diapers that needed washing, and a dress I wanted piper to wear for her aunt’s baby shower this weekend.

To my horror this is what I discovered upon pulling my lights/whites out of the dryer:

The only dark thing in the load was the bottom to the above shown dress. But I’ve washed the dress before and nothing ever affected previous loads.

I don’t even know if stains can be fixed after a garment has gone through the dryer.

I really have no clue how to get these stains out and I would hate to throw away the clothing. But let’s be honest, I’m not putting my daughter in these things to take her out if they are stained. UGH!

Does anyone out there in internet land have any helpful advice??

self-sustainability for everyone #7

I bet you all thought I was done with my self-sustainability posts.


I still plan to do them sporadically.

natural home and body cleaners / /

This post goes out to Melissa of Inspired. She has been posting a lot about switching her family from store bought chemical and synthetic cleaning and body products to more green and natural homemade products. What a perfect name for her blog because I find myself constantly inspired by her posts. Go on over and leave her a comment if you like what you read.

I have a confession: I backslid on my baking soda/acv hair washing last weekend. My sister was having her bridal shower and I felt like my hair was so “icky.” I thought, I’ll just shampoo my hair this once and cross my fingers that it doesn’t mess up all of my progress (since I’m still going through my greasy transition period).

What a let down! My hair did look clean but it was completely flat and I still felt icky. So I went back to the baking soda/acv and my hair feels clean again.

Last summer Joe switched from toothpaste to a baking soda tooth scrub. We got the recipe from the book Making It: Radical Home Ec for a Post-Consumer World. I just recently made the switch myself. Let me tell you that this scrub is better than toothpaste. Every time I brush, I feel almost as if I’ve been to a cleaning at the dentist. That’s how smooth and clean my teeth feel. This book also has other natural tricks for cleaning and flossing teeth. Incredible.

Homemade Tooth Powder / /

found on p. 14

You’ll Need:

  • baby food jar (or lidded jar similar in size)
  • baking soda (approx. ¼ cup)
  • peppermint (or anise) essential oil

Fill jar with baking soda and add essential oils for flavor. Shake well.

The book recommend you let your nose be your guide for the amount of drops needed. But it also says 10 drops. Do as you like.

I love this book because it is close to being the bible of self-sustained tricks. It has everything from the baking soda/acv wash and the tooth powder, to home grown medicines, DIY olive oil lamps, beekeeping, slaughtering chickens, and making mead.

But there are all sorts of resources you can find without buying books. Check out your library or Pinterest. It’s amazing how much info there is out there, and this stuff is so simple and so cheap to do. Well…maybe not the chicken slaughtering 😉

photos lately

Sorry for my absence yesterday. It was a gloomy day and I just didn’t have any motivation to blog. Plain and simple. Today isn’t much different, but I shall anyway. Sometimes I need to force myself to blog, but quite honestly, blogging is the one place where I feel like I get some “me time” so I really need to try to stay on top of it.

Piper has tried some new whole foods lately (as in: not mashed)

photo 1: pickle
photo 2: carrot
photo 3: Cheerios

I’ve been trying to work on some projects.

photo 6: Zac’s scarf (ugh!)
photo 7: shirt turned skirt/dress for P
(i am saving the buttons for future knitting/sewing. they are fantastic!)

I am so excited that spring has officially sprung!

photo 8: leaves are popping out on the trees

Over the weekend I failed to photograph:

pictures of my baby sister’s bridal shower
pictures of friends coming to visit

Tuesday is usually the day that mama and Piper go out together and have a girls morning out. We normally go to the library and have play group/nursery time. However, today Joe has painting work (yay!) and actually has it for the rest of the week and maybe into next week (*fingers crossed*). So P and I don’t mind giving up a week or two of play dates in order to let Papa provide for us. Thank the Lord for His provision!

I really think that the weather the past 2 days has put me in an off mood. Not a bad mood. Just blah. Thankfully today looks like it will be bright and cool. Plus I think sister and I are going out shopping and I haven’t been doing that in a very long time!

Happy Tuesday!

soap fiasco

Our pine tar soap was running out and rather than spend top $ on soap at the store or on the internet, I figured it was high time I made my own.

I decided to make a batch yesterday, and had my mom help since she’s been making soap on and off for years.

She led me to a pretty cool device called a lye calculator, found here. It lets you punch in your ingredients in whatever amounts you are using and then tells you how much lye and distilled water you should use. Very handy.

While soap making is fairly simple in theory, yesterday I failed to add one of my main ingredients and it suponified too quickly so I’m not really sure how well the lye or pine tar were mixed in or how the soap will turn out. I tried another batch this morning, but again, it suponified too quickly and I’m not real sure how well my lye got mixed in. Time will tell.

I guess if at first you don’t succeed, try try again…right?

wardrobe revamp: intro

I need a new challenge. The posts on self-sustainability for everyone were really good for me to blog about because it gave my blog something substantial to write about. The baby food was definitely a worthwhile challenge. I just need…something.

Ever since I had Piper, nine months ago (has it really been nine whole months!?), I have felt…well…dumpy, to be quite honest. My body looks different than it did pre-pregnancy. And I’m ok with that. At first I didn’t think I was, but then I realized. It’s my wardrobe. I’m still wearing the clothes of a young, flat tummied, early twenty-someone.

Only I can’t justify dumping all my current clothing, and going out and buying a whole new wardrobe. Nor to I have the time to buy a new one one piece at a time. No, I need drastic action.

Last night I folded my family’s laundry and I was absolutely disgusted with the amount of clothing I had and the fact that I hated just about every piece of it. The only reason I wear any of it is because I have no choice. This is no way to live.

Then I had to ask myself…

What would Little Women do?


What would Laura Ingalls do?

They would reinvent their wardrobe! Dye a used/stained white garment in tea or coffee. Place a bow over an old stain. They would turn something old into something new again! Genius!

And so my lovelies, with the help of pinterest, books, and sewing patterns, I shall endeavor to overhaul and revamp my entire wardrobe one garment at a time. If it cannot be reused, it will be given to a new home!

Would it be gross to offer a giveaway of my used clothing on this blog? Maybe yes?

Anyway, I’m off to find THE thing to transform or create today. Wish me luck!

from the kitchen

I made my first successful homemade baby food last night. It came out PERFECT! I feel like I took on a bear. Seriously. My first try was so horrible that I just didn’t think I could do it. I may try green beans again someday.

baby food #1 / /

This is sweet potato. All I had to do was bake them in the oven (I did 4. 3 for P and 1 for me!), remove them from the skin (they practically fall out) and puree them in my food processor. Put in ice cube tray and freeze and then pop out and put in freezer bag. Voila. Easy peasy!

I’m so excited about my success that I’m trying to dream up what I should do next

I have bananas and baby spinach. I know I want to do my spinach raw. Would it be weird to do the two together? Maybe add apple juice?

self-sustainability for everyone #3

make it homemade / /

This should be a no-brainer. To be self-sustained is all about doing it yourself! There are so many things that can be made at home. Just take a look at Etsy to find out!

I understand that it can be intimidating to do something yourself for the first time; especially when there are ready-made things out there that can be had right away for a price. However, there is nothing so satisfying as making something yourself and seeing/using the finished project made by your own hands.

Taking on and learning a new skill is good for your self esteem, for your brain function, and for your home. Maybe this week you could start researching something new.

Soap Making
Wood Carving
Beer Brewing
Bread Making
Cheese Making
Basket Weaving

There are so many things that can be learned which are forgotten arts that everyone used to be able to do.  There are free tutorials, recipes, and and YouTube videos for these things all over the internet. What have you always wanted to do but haven’t had the courage to try?

You can do it!


I have a highchair.
It is made of wood.
It was given by friends who’s children are grown and have families of their own.
I love it.
Piper does not
because it is hard.


I endeavored to make a comfy cover for it
to suit my baby.

I also made some bibs as a shower gift for someone at my church.
This is my favorite bib pattern ever.

I use velcro.

Also this makes me want to sew all my kids’ clothing

pig butchering

Well folks, I’m back after a long silence. Sorry. There just wasn’t anything homestead related going on.

Last week, my father and husband killed their pigs, and today Joe butchered half of ours. We received a wonderful link to a video on pig butchery from a friend, and dad and Joe have been playing it every time they butcher. It has made for a much better understanding for them on what they are doing.

Joe divided up the cuts of meat
I packaged them.
Joe started the curing of the bacon
I ground the meat up for sausage and future meat pies!

Other News / /

  • The apartment is done, and we moved in. Still waiting on our oven to be completely official, but we’re in!
  • My husband has been brewing beer which will warrant a post. Soon to come.