My husband and I believe that God has put a call on our lives to be homesteaders. We are learning a little bit at a time, are trying to be good stewards of God’s creation – the universe; land, animals, and human interaction.

We currently live in a tiny room above my parents garage. We have a bathroom with no shower, a kitchen with no oven, and beds with no rooms.

We save for things, rather than go into debt (as much as possible).

I am slowly learning the domestic arts. Joe brews and is teaching himself wood-crafting. We both desire a self-sustained garden, and animals to be our food sources.

“Hipster” is sort of a joke to us, as we are not as exclusive minded or¬†narcissistic. Anyone who lived in our shoes for a week would absolutely see the irony. However, it’s interesting how many people throw the label at us based on our public appearance. Why not embrace it for own ammusement?

Please leave comments. I love the interaction!

Contact info: hipsterhomesteading@gmail.com