I’m not normal.

Today, after reading various online articles in my facebook feed (maybe I shouldn’t have done that today), I came to a conclusion. I have come to this conclusion many other times over the past 15 or so years. The more my life goes on, the more my values, morals, and worldview are sculpted, I seem to feel firmer in this conclusion.

I am not your normal Christian woman.

But what is normal?

Christianity, like every other religion and belief system is full of hypocrites, legalists, and just a bunch of flawed people. Because no matter how fake or sincere a person is, no one is perfect. Because human beings are flawed and don’t follow through, even the best intentioned, there are those just waiting in the wings to cast stones, criticize, slander, and gossip.

All these things make my heart heavy.

So as a result of flawed thinking and getting stuff wrong, normal Christianity is a whole lot of crazy. You have all kinds of factions. Some are loose and liberal. Some are nothing like what the Bible teaches Christianity to be; heretical yet still tolerated. Some are legalistic and uber judgmental. Some are downright cult-like.

Why would I want to keep identifying myself with all this crazy?

Well…because I love Christ.

What is Christianity at its core, except believing in Christ, that He is God, that He died for my sins and rose again to save me from them, and that He will one day return for His elect. Because I believe this, I follow Christ and do my best, fail, and try again to be like Him and do what He instructs me in the Bible.

Yes. If this is not what you believe, this sounds absurd. But. If at the end of my life this turns out to be wrong, who have I hurt more than the next person? Perhaps I have done a little good in the world and made a small fool of myself. I think I can live with that. Because I’m not perfect. Just like you.

So why am I not normal?

Who am I?


I am a Christian.

I am Reformed.

I baptize my babies.

I do not send my children to Sunday School, and won’t send them to Youth Group when they get older.

I am a woman.

I am a submissive [as possible for an imperfect] wife.

I do not believe in divorce or remarriage while my [former] spouse is still alive.

I believe in temporary separation (if necessary) and reconciliation (even if it takes a lifetime to accomplish).

I believe in women being treated with love and respect, and sticking up for themselves.

I believe in restraining orders.

I do not believe that to be feminism.

I am a mother.

I am pro-life.

I believe children are a blessing, not a limitation.

I will not use birth control, and therefore will screw up population control.

I have my babies at home.

I do not vaccinate.

I homeschool.

I may let my children date.

I will expose my children to beliefs, lifestyles, and religions other than my own.

I will teach them love and respect for those who they do not agree with.

I am a conservative who believes in social activism and environmentalism.

I will try not to disrespect my leaders (family, church, gov’t, etc.), even if I do not agree with them or did not elect/vote for them.

Sometimes my political and moral beliefs conflict with one another.

I don’t think America is a Christian nation.

I don’t believe in “dieting.”

I do believe in eating healthy, God-made food.

I don’t believe in going to the gym.

I do believe in moderate exercise and taking care of the body God gave me.

I can be very judgmental and unknowingly rude, but I feel remorse deeply, hate to disappoint others, and forgive quickly; never bearing a grudge.

I am a loyal friend to the point of taking abuse and being used.

I hate gossip, and will always try to get my information from the source.

I use less than savory language, but am trying to get better for the sake of my kids.

I drink alcohol and I’m not an alcoholic.

I listen to secular music and it hasn’t rotted my soul.

I am not ashamed of who I am.

I’m sure this is a short list. But…I’m not normal Christian, who happens to be a woman.





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