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IMG_2366Joe and I feel like homestead failures lately. Both of us for different reasons.

  • We got a late start on planting seeds.
  • I have a new baby and Joe is working different hours. Add on the amount of rainy days we’ve had, and less time in the garden this year and we have found weeds choking out our plants that were coming up! Ugh.
  • We no longer have our own animals as we no longer had the time to devote to them that they required. No rabbits. No goats. My parents still have their chickens and I guess the pigs belong to both of us. So there, we are raising pigs…successfully.
  • I’m barely staying on top of the housework.
  • I’m being very lazy about potty training.

I find myself currently grabbing at whatever I can to make sure that whatever harvest we do get out of our garden this year doesn’t go to waste as it has in years gone by. We believe in being good stewards of the earth, but I will admit to not doing a very good job of upholding my beliefs in reality. I have become overwhelmed by abundance of food, while having a lack of time, and a lack of knowledge, plans, and creativity for preparing and storing that abundance.

We know we need to dig a root cellar.

I know it’s not fair to let Joe be the only one doing all the research and planning. But where has all the time gone?

I truly respect, and am in awe of Pioneer women, living in one-room homes (as I do) with young children, no indoor plumbing or electricity, and getting so much accomplished from season to season. On top of that they relied very little if not at all on the convenience of towns and cities for buying wares. I am so frustrated that I was born into a generation that has been stripped of its knowledge of living with simple means and independently.

Now I am going to knit and read about fermentation.

14 thoughts on “failure happens

  1. You and Joe are total inspirations to Eric and I! Rome wasn’t built in a day. Give yourself some grace, celebrate small successes, and ASK FOR HELP! I would be happy to come down some day and help with some housework 🙂 I MEAN IT! We are praying for you guys!

    • thanks Trisha! You are more than welcome to come over – with or without eric, and to help or to just visit. I also need the company to help recharge my batteries 🙂

      • I am taking you up on this! Message me about when are good times for you so we can figure this out 🙂

  2. SO ,much life going on at your place! Be gentle on yourself, Mama! Oh and I promise those Little Ones DO NOT go to college in diapers! My five year old is finally mastering the potty! Stay in the moment and enjoy it– go easy.

  3. Talk to friends in the city and you will find that life is full of unfinished chores. Then compare the environment. Would you trade for concrete and asphalt as a place for children to grow.

    • oh absolutely not! I did grow up in the city, so I know that my children are already getting a much better environment. I would never trade this. It just gets discouraging when things get way behind.

    • yes, in the grand scheme this is probably true. hoewever, it’s easy to feel like people are either judging us or idealizing our lives. so it’s very easy to feel that we’re just failures.

      • I have had to forbid myself from using that word because I feel it often. The house is often a mess, things slide, bills pile, and I have goals I have yet to begin on…and those feelings creep in. I am giving myself permission to let things be as they are, and accept that they will not always be this way. I am not failing…I am just not going according to the original plan, haha.

  4. Well if it makes you feel any better, just think of and laugh about me every morning jumping the electric fence to milk my goat after racing there and praying (literally) every step of the way that they don’t come breaking down the fence before I get there (since I just turned the electricity off and they know it). I am currently milking the goat with her head in between my legs right now as I fight to keep her and the other does from spilling the milk. (There is no way to get her out of the pen alone because we have no real gate..just a way to let them all in or all out!) All this because we have permanent quarters still being built after 2 years of owning goats. Our third milking season has been a complete failure with two mama’s not even bred and one that didn’t feed her baby…we almost lost the baby and a complete year of milk because the mama was not producing. So I feel your frustration and feelings of failure..too well! I am convinced that homesteading starts in the heart and sometimes takes a little while to develop into profitable independent living…reality that we can benefit from. But as your other friends have encouraged…our kids are already benefiting so much from this lifestyle more than we know. Hang in there…and I’ll hang in to! Here’s to a better year next year for the both of us homesteading mamas! 🙂 (And don’t worry yourself too much on the potty training, it will happen!)

    • well…i guess there’s not much to say after that! 😉

      I like that you said “homesteading starts in the heart.” I think I should embroider that on a pillow!

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