Piper’s Story Part 2 : Labor & Delivery


So we finally moved upstairs and inside, out of the heat and into the air conditioning. My midwife had a TENS machine that we hooked me up to (what a marvelous invention) to ease the pain of my contractions. I decided at the beginning that a water birth may be a bit too much for my surroundings, whatever they may be.

At about 4:30pm I sent Joe outside so he wouldn’t hear my screams while the MW could check again for dilation – 5 cm. She told me she would check me every 4 hours till the baby came, but it was so uncomfortable for me that it ended up being more like every 6 hours, and every 6 hours I was only dilated 2 more cm. Joe was sent away each time.

My mom and Joe took turns sleeping and helping me through my contractions. Joe was amazing! He was the best at soothing me, calming me down, and helping me to breathe normally. He was the best doula I could have asked for.

I took cat naps here and there but was usually awoken by contractions after a couple of minutes. The sun came up the following morning and I was exhausted. I wasn’t able to keep any food down while in labor, but drank water and Gatorade.

At 9cm dilation, my water still had not broken, so I had to do a couple of squats, and that seemed to move things along. The baby came very quickly after that. It seemed that 20 min. later I started pushing, and then another hour and it was all over.

11:58am, July 12, 2011, a healthy girl – 8lbs, 8 oz. 21″ long, 14″ head. Considering Joe and I were both well over 9lbs at birth, I was happy for a “small” baby.

30 hours of labor from start to finish and my placenta looked very healthy.


IMG_5607Blurry photos thanks to my mom who just really didn’t know how to use the camera 🙂

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