enjoying now : my time alone with piper

I think I’m going to end up devoting this weeks blogging to my daughter, Piper Quinn.


I can hardly believe I only have 10 weeks to go before Baby C. 2.0 is born. It seems as though this is a much faster pregnancy, and I wonder if the reason for that is because I am not in pain 100% of the time, or if it’s because I’ve been chasing a toddler around…maybe a bit of both.

At any rate, my time with Piper only is drawing to a close. Our family will be taking on a whole new dynamic in just a couple of short months. Piper will be a big sister, and not allowed to hog all of my attention. All of our hearts will grow in order to love one more person equally. She will have times of jealousy, rivalry, and annoyance. But she will also have a friend to play with, someone to show the family ropes to, and someone for whom to set an example for. She will start to shoulder a weight of responsibility that no one will bestow upon her except herself (because she is the oldest, and that is just what happens).

She is growing into such a funny little person. Her personality is entirely her own, and she constantly keeps me wondering “Where did she get that from?!”

Some of my favorite things?

 – her dancing that she throws her entire self into (I must get a video!)

– how she covers her mouth and looks shocked every time someone passes gas

– the way she scrunches up her face every time she tries to make the “n” sound

– the way she kisses the parts of mama and papas body that are most easily accessible at the time (a leg, an elbow, a belly, my bum…)

– how she is fascinated with her belly button

I hope, hope, SUPER hope that I continue to notice these quirks and unique personality traits she grows into as she ages even though I’ll have her sibling(s) to be watching develop as well.

I know I’m going to be just as in love with our new little one as I am with her, so it’s just a matter of enjoying these last weeks alone with her as much as I possibly can.


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