note to self 1.11.13

Oh, hello 2013. Where did you come from?

Hello often neglected blog. I’ll try to do better in giving you some attention in 2013. I’ll try.


IMG_1347A portrait of my child. once a week. every week. in 2013

Happy New Year everyone out there. So far this year, our little family has been sick, sick sick.

New Years resolution : to be more faithful to this blog.

Topics to cover in the coming…month or 2

  • thoughts leading up to the new baby
  • piper’s birth story in hindsight
  • my breast feeding story
  • more self-sustainability for everyone (bartering, being culturally informed,…)

New features to add

  • weekly knitting (so not to make everyone gag all at once)
  • monthly knit-a-long
  • siblings
  • baby led weening(?)
  • posts by Joe (barbering, gardening, primitive skills, hunting…)

Continuing features

  • Thursday Thanks
  • From the Kitchen
  • animal/gardening posts

In other news

  • we no longer keep rabbits – they became food for our tummies
  • pig butchering is just around the corner (anytime…anytime…)
  • I turn 30 this month. Yep. A wife. A mom. 30 and officially can’t pretend to be a kid anymore. *sigh*

YOU give some feedback! What on these lists will keep you coming back for more??


5 thoughts on “note to self 1.11.13

  1. The picture! I love seeing my kids and grandkids! Also, I am excited about butchering time, animal/garden posts and knitting. Love you guys

  2. More blogs – yes please. 30 – welcome to the club, glad to have you join us. New baby – woohoo!!!! Love you. Miss you. Praying for healing, whole and complete. Muwah!

  3. I’ve missed you blog. Welcome back. I look forward to your inspiring, interesting & fun entries. And that is a simply lovely picture of the family.

  4. Glad you are back into blogging again! Looking forward to more self-sustainability so that I can live vicariously through you while we are still stuck in our city apartment. Also excited to follow your pregnancy and see how Piper reacts to her new sibling. 🙂

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