tiny knitting

Pixie Hat pattern found here

Puerperium Newborn Cardigan pattern found here

I’ve been a little busy these past couple of days. I just can’t seem to put the needles down! I can’t help searching for what cute little baby things to knit next! I’ve even started a group on Ravelry to keep me motivated to stay knitting. Oops! (Please feel free to join!)

In other news:

  • I had my first midwife appointment this week and got to hear the baby’s heartbeat!
  • I’ve been able to use our flannel sheets on our bed this week! I’m very much enjoying this cool weather.
  • Joe made blackberry/huckleberry wine.
  • I picked 6 huge summer squash from the garden!

6 thoughts on “tiny knitting

    • you should! it can be addicting, and very therapeutic.

      also, soulemama inspired me to knit when she had just had Harper. but joe actually taught me how. that pixie hat was the first pattern i ever knit, though this one is the second i’ve made.

  1. Ooooh! Puerperium is so on my list too! I can’t wait to make it. Cold weather babies and their wool… it’s so lovely. ❤

    I cried when hearing the hb with our first, and with our second I just laughed out loud. It was kind of an, "oh my gosh there really is a baby in there" moment. LOL.

    • cute. my midwife had a hard time finding the heartbeat with this one. I was like, “just kidding! not really pregnant! gotcha!” haha. but we did find it, and it’s a nice healthy beat.

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