sunday songs: Brooke Fraser

One of my new favorite YouTube videos is this one by Flight of the Conchords. Piper is also a big fan. She loves to get up and dance to the song in it.

Upon seeing it for the first time, the voice of a female vocalist stood out to me quite prominently. She’s the first woman who appears in the song with long dark hair and only a hint of a lateral lisp.

I then came to find out that I wasn’t the only one to notice her voice either. My sister was so interested that she somehow found out the name of this woman and then looked to see if she had any other music. It turns out that she does. Her name is Brooke Fraser, and I have indeed heard her before. I’d seen this video over at the Rockstar Diaries blog.

But it doesn’t end (or start?) there. This was also not the first time I have heard Brooke sing. Anyone ever heard of Hillsong UNITED? Turns out she’s written (and sung) songs for them.

Suffice it to say, she makes me happy. Happy listening, and have a blessed Sunday.

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