our first hatchling

We were surprised today by the arrival of our first chick having poked its way out of its shell late this morning! As we weren’t expecting them to start till tomorrow, it was a little surprise! So far we only have one, but the shells of 6 more have little holes in them where more little chicks are on their way out.

Piper is so excited to see a tiny little birdy in the house. Every time anyone even attempts to look in to check, she is quite vocal about being picked up so she can look as well.

I’m so proud to be able to raise my children this way – knowing right away where food and animals come from. That chicken and eggs don’t come from neat little packages in the store, but that they are alive. Life is given so that life can continue, be it plants or animals. Hopefully by raising children this way, they will develop a sense of respect for where their food comes from.

3 thoughts on “our first hatchling

  1. This is something we want to raise Simon with as well. However, we won’t be raising meat animals…or at least, that isn’t in the plan right now…who knows how they may change. We never would have dreamed of the lifestyle we are now working towards, so perhaps we will love it so much we will take it even farther.

    • i knew i communicated this poorly.

      we have goats and chickens for eggs and milk. however, if a male goat is birthed, we will use it for meat. it’s not good to have to many male animals because they don’t produce milk and eat all the food. in my mind, it’s just good stewardship.

      we DO raise pigs for meat, and we have friends at a neighboring farm who barter our pork for their grass-fed beef and my parent go in on chickens with them, which they raise and have all the equipment for.

      My post however, was meant to focus on eggs and plants, and milk. ah well…

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