hops: my newest post!

Happy Labor Day! And a happy one it is too…it looks like Labor Day’s gift to me is that I’ll have no more morning sickness 😀

Along with such good news deserves a new post, and hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of postings. Hopefully.

Joe harvested his hops today. He only got a little, but this was his first year. It is said that you don’t really get a harvest until the third year, so I think Joe’s very happy with getting anything! He immediately added it to one of his batches of beer.

The apartment is a mess, but I’m planning on getting that whipped back into shape now that I’m feeling better.

I’m also hoping to finish a quilt I started over a year ago, and get some baby knitting done. I’m so excited to be transitioning into my second trimester!


6 thoughts on “hops: my newest post!

  1. yay second trimester! yay for hops! good beer is great motivation 😉 glad you’re feeling better and back to posting again. I miss you when you’re gone ❤

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