a love of thrifting and antiquing

I have always loved the feel of things that are old-timey New England. I love cobblestone streets, brickwork, monuments, and even old New England farmhouses (even though my plans growing up were always to be a city girl). I also like 50s-70s housewares; everything from 50’s housewife dresses, to olive green leather upholstery, floral wallpaper, and colorful Pyrex. You might call my style retro rustic?

Joe and I are approaching our 2 year wedding anniversary this September, and looking back, I think planning my wedding was when I truly started honing my love for things old and antique. I thrifted ALL the plates and mugs for my place settings.

After the honeymoon, we lived with my grandfather for several months, and close to where he lives were a couple of antique stores that I fell in love with. I would pick things up here and there as I had need of them, or if i thought they would compliment my style for what I wanted our home to eventually look like. I really like the idea of reusing old things in this way. I feel like I have recycled something no longer in use, am using it instead of allowing it to collect dust and fall into disrepair, and I’m cherishing something from the past that has history and character.

One day I brought Joe along with me, and all of a sudden he was hooked too. On old-timey farm and hand tools! Now whenever we get a little money to spare, we go on dates to the antique store to see what we can find.

I hope to start sharing a little bit of my interior homesteading style which comes as a result of my thrifted and antiqued finds. I also hope you will share with me the little treasures you find as well. Share photo from your blog with me, and I will share the link! Now doesn’t that sound like fun for all? Also, I wonder if that would make a good blog hop? Would anyone be interested in that?

Photos by Kasey & Jessie Photography

2 thoughts on “a love of thrifting and antiquing

  1. Retro rustic! I love that term. Looks like we both have the same style. Nothing makes my heart pitter patter like the sight of some gaudy, colorful vintage Pyrex bowls in a thrift store.

  2. I would definitely love to join in! Jeramy and I are in a process of making life changes so we can finally begin living the way we have always dreamed. One of those choices is to deliberately give up shopping without necessity. No more trips to the mall to peruse the clearance racks. However, for me, the love of thrifting is one I can still indulge in from time to time, because I can feel good about supporting a business like Goodwill, or a little antique shop, knowing that buying used means sparing the ecological impact of consumerism, as well as every dollar going to a worthy cause (such as supporting local) rather than to a sweat shop.

    I am addicted to thrifting, and I want to go to the plethora of antique shops around me here in Maine to find used treasures to furnish our space with.

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