new arrivals!

Ye Ol’ Homestead has recently acquired an influx of new livestock! Of course we couldn’t be more excited. Not only were we gifted with a new dairy goat (whose milk we find we love), but our pork on the hoof has arrived as well!

5 little piggies! Is it bad that the first thing I thought when they arrived was, “This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home…?”  Just a little insight as to what a dork I am in real life 😉

The pigs arrived late this year because we got behind in setting up the new location for the pig pen and my dad, the man who takes care of them, got very inventive in the process. So even though we have late pigs, they have a pretty sweet spread; pallet fencing, equal opportunity trough and water feeding (hopefully no more slop fights), and even – yes believe it – a shower for those unbearably hot days (pigs don’t sweat)!

As for our new goat, she is very sweet toward us, and very good in the stand. However, she definitely asserts her dominance with the other goats. She was the queen of the herd we got her from, and she’s making it known here that she will be the queen of the herd wherever she goes! Belle is so sweet and submissive that I don’t think it will take long for them to establish their pecking order.

Her markings and coloring terrify me. She looks at me and I have to remind myself to not discriminate. Just because she looks like a demon doesn’t mean she is one!

And Piper likes to keep her distance !

In other news: Hipster Homesteading now has it’s own Facebook Page! You can link to it in the sidebar on the right —->


2 thoughts on “new arrivals!

    • hahaha. i don’t know. she’s our favorite 😉

      but don’t worry, even though we’re keeping her, we’ll bring her for a visit 😀

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