first fruits

I thought I would share with you the first semi-substantial harvest from our garden. Actually it is pretty meager considering the amount of these things we have still waiting to ripen on the vines.

I’m excited to use all but the huckleberry. I tried one. It was icky. It tasted like a weird bitter-ish tomato which I wasn’t expecting, and if I’m going to eat something that tastes like a tomato…I’ll just eat the tomatoes. What are the point of huckleberries? Does anyone know?

My apologies for the lack of posting this week. I’ve been slightly under the weather, Joe had 6 teeth extracted (4 wisdom teeth), and I really haven’t been on top of the photography like I should. Better luck next week. Happy weekending!

beach day

Today Piper and I went with my parents and brothers to visit my Uncle and Aunt at Salisbury Beach. This was Piper’s very first time to the beach ever! I know, I know…what took me so long?

Piper very much enjoyed watching all the children playing in the water. However, she was not a fan of the icy water, herself and was content to play on the sand just out of reach of the tide.

This was also the first time I’d changed a baby after letting her play in the sand. It’s amazing all the places sand can hide even after you think you’ve wiped it all off! But she had a good time and that’s all that matters. She will sleep good for her mama tonight!

we’re really doing it!

Here’s a confession. Previously to this week in my postings I have felt like a huge fake at this homesteading thing. I’ve really tried to write posts that are homestead related, but a lot of the time I felt like I was a lot of talk talk talk and no action.

Not only did I feel this way in the blogging world, but also felt it with my husband. He gets pretty down on himself and says the same kind of stuff I just admitted to, “I just feel like I’m faking it,” and so I know I need to be the voice of encouragement in is life. I do this, not to lie to him, but to give him hope to keep plugging away at his dream to one day be totally self-sustained. In the beginning of a huge venture such as this there does seem to come a lot of setbacks and discouragement, and since I love him, I try to do my best to cheer his spirits.

Between the loss of animals (did I also mention we lost all the chickens to either a raccoon or a fox?) and unexpected physical ailments, it has been easy to get down on ourselves. But now I am looking out at our garden that Joe has dug and planted entirely by himself both from seed and from plants given to us by friends. I open my refrigerator and see that I have one shelf almost entirely devoted to milk that has come from our own goats that I milked myself. I am filled with a sense of pride in our work. I am overwhelmed with thankfulness to God that He has helped us every step of the way despite our weakness, laziness, and ignorance. We are really doing this!

Photos are:
one – compost heap / / two – hops / / three – broccoli / / four – huckleberry / / five – potato / / six – wheat / / seven – peas / / eight – corn

thursday thanks

1 – our 1st ripening tomato / / 2 – pretty purple potato blossoms / / 3 – summer squash / / 4 – nursing kid / / 5 – goat hugs

Taking time to reflect on God’s goodness, no matter the circumstances.

Thanking God this week for:

  • restoring my computer to me!
  • the added blessing of a second goat in milk
  • fresh raw milk every day and homemade yogurt from said milk
  • learning new skills
  • the provision of food that is brought forth from the earth whose source isn’t the supermarket
  • cheap thrifted finds
  • a long afternoon nap for the little one
  • keeping me humble when I start to get a little self-righteous
  • my husband; without whom, my life would not be what it is. That he works so hard to make a reasonable place for our family and animals and that he challenges me to become more industrious, a harder worker, and a gentler wife, mother and woman.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 “Give thanks in all circumstances for this is the will of God concerning you

new arrivals!

Ye Ol’ Homestead has recently acquired an influx of new livestock! Of course we couldn’t be more excited. Not only were we gifted with a new dairy goat (whose milk we find we love), but our pork on the hoof has arrived as well!

5 little piggies! Is it bad that the first thing I thought when they arrived was, “This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home…?”  Just a little insight as to what a dork I am in real life 😉

The pigs arrived late this year because we got behind in setting up the new location for the pig pen and my dad, the man who takes care of them, got very inventive in the process. So even though we have late pigs, they have a pretty sweet spread; pallet fencing, equal opportunity trough and water feeding (hopefully no more slop fights), and even – yes believe it – a shower for those unbearably hot days (pigs don’t sweat)!

As for our new goat, she is very sweet toward us, and very good in the stand. However, she definitely asserts her dominance with the other goats. She was the queen of the herd we got her from, and she’s making it known here that she will be the queen of the herd wherever she goes! Belle is so sweet and submissive that I don’t think it will take long for them to establish their pecking order.

Her markings and coloring terrify me. She looks at me and I have to remind myself to not discriminate. Just because she looks like a demon doesn’t mean she is one!

And Piper likes to keep her distance !

In other news: Hipster Homesteading now has it’s own Facebook Page! You can link to it in the sidebar on the right —->

while I was away

Hello Monday!

We got my computer this weekend, and being able to blog again really feels like having an old friend back.

Here are some things you’ve missed while I’ve been away!

Our garden has taken off! If you ask him, Joe will tell you that it’s not much, but this garden is quite substantial in comparison to what we’ve had in the past few years. Currently we have growing :

  • Indian corn (good for cornmeal!)
  • wheat
  • tomatoes
  • onions
  • peas
  • beans
  • lettuce
  • broccoli
  • cabbage
  • brussel sprouts
  • eggplant
  • summer squash
  • cuccumber
  • 2 different varieties of melon
  • huckelberry
  • parsnip
  • a variety of different herbs

Today we got a new goat, Rosie May, who is currently still in milk! So starting this evening we will be milking 2 goats at once!

I feel enormously blessed in the goat department. From our point of view, Joe and I feel so under prepared and ill equipped to raise these beautiful and generous animals. Over the past year, we lost two goats. One was an unexpected and strange death, and the other was lost to sickness last month. We felt like terrible goat owners for not knowing enough to catch it in time. However, we have been blessed with generous friends who were willing to bless us with replacement goats for the 2 we lost, and we have been plunged into the world of milking!

I have found milking to be one of the most soothing things for me to do. I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I do. Our new mother, Belle, is a little feisty in the stand, and we’ve lost a couple of pails of milk due to her either kicking or planting her foot in the bucket, but I have learned to just keep a watch out for the hoof and be faster than her in pulling the pail away. Aside from that, she and her kid are very very sweet.

This month Piper:

  • started walking!
  • got to go to her first parade for the 4th! She was absolutely fascinated by all the sirens, cars, and marching bands.
  • turned 1-year-old last week! She had her first taste of cake and frosting, and she absolutely loved all her gifts!

That’s all for now. I hope to share with you a look at a few things that are exciting me lately, and also hoping to share some big news in the month to come (fingers crossed)!