photos from the cell phone

I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how I can be posting more often without a computer. I guess I’ll just have to use cell phone photos and my parents computer when i can. I hate both of those options, but I hate my lack of blogging even more!

So this is what life looks like lately…

Things are popping up in the garden! In the first photo you can see tomatoes, onions, and cucumber. In the second photo, that is crimson clover. Other items we have planted and sprouting:

  • peppermint, lemon mint, and spearmint
  • hot peppers, sweet peppers, and purple beauty peppers
  • lots of herbs
  • sqash
  • hops
  • potatoes
  • wheat
  • corn
  • tobacco
  • strawberries
  • honeydew melon and watermelon
  • and much more

Piper is getting so big! She can stand up by herself for short periods of time. She understands some words, but isn’t saying anything. And she’s just so tall!

In other news we had to put down 2 goats last week. One for food, and then one unexpectedly because of sickness.

On a happier note I will be starting to milk this evening!

Joe and I are feeling quite a bit overwhelmed with our homesteading endeavors and wondering where we will find  the time for our goats and our garden along with taking care of a time demanding baby and time consuming outside work for Joe! We know we are on a huge learning curve at the moment, but hopefully God will reward our efforts eventually!

4 thoughts on “photos from the cell phone

    • thank you. i have to give Joe the credit for the garden. if it were left up to me we would only have a handful of herbs, peppers and corn (that’s all I’ve planted so far)

  1. praying for strength as you learn to manage all these things and that you will not grow weary in doing good. the Lord has called you to greatness and will supply all your needs. you live an exciting life that is so full and beautiful. keep it up 🙂

    • thank you for this wonderful encouragement, friend! we so need it right now. trying not to be discouraged because we were not raised on this lifestyle. such a huge learning curve.

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