found this in the backyard…looks pretty fresh!

If you can tell me where the line that I used for my title comes from you get a figurative gold star (my siblings are excluded from answering).

I’ve been wanting to do more foraging, and so I have a feeling you will see more foraging posts over the course of these warmer months.

Pictured above is plantain that I picked right out of my backyard. Much like dandelions, it is a “weed” that is also an herb. Plantain used to be a plant that grew only in Europe and central Asia, but came to America with the English settlers. Now it can be found pretty much everywhere. The native Americans would call it the “White-man’s footprint” or “Englishman’s foot” because it appeared wherever the white man went. The reason for that being because of how fine it’s seeds and it would cling to the soles of their boots, spreading the seed wherever they walked.

Plantain’s uses are beneficial both orally and topically. Young plants may be used for salad greens as they are the most tender. A list of the benefits of the plantain herb may be found here.

So, I picked some plantain, washed it and dried it in a paper towel, and added it to last night’s salad. I think that maybe my greens weren’t as small and young as they should have been, for they were a bit tough compared with the rest of my salad greens. The flavor was very good, though! I will definitely be making plantain part of my regular salads this summer. It’s local, and it’s in season!


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