goat baby!

Just kidding. It’s actually a boy.

Joe and I have named him Bjorn. Marigold turned out to be the favorite for doe names though so it will be held for whenever we get one!

Sorry for the short post on Friday, but I had my hands full between taking care of Piper and checking on a goat baby and mama every couple of hours. That morning I was faced with the challenge of going in green and making sure the kid was able to latch onto it’s mama (apparently domesticated goats have lost that instinct?) and making sure that mama goat was getting taken care of with enough water, grain, and molasses.

A friend from church who has a farm of many animals came over to see our new arrival and helped me realize my error in figuring out the gender. Oops! She will also be over today to disbud (remove the horn nubbies) him.

Belle is such a good first-time mama. We didn’t have to deal with her rejecting her baby.

And he is a fun-loving little guy who jumps and prances and is so affectionate. He’s absolutely adorable!


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