genius clothing storage

I’m sorry for the absence, but I have been completely unmotivated and exhausted this week. Piper has been waking up much earlier than normal, and I’ve been napping instead of blogging. I do not regret my decision.

Last night however, Piper decided to sleep. Ah, glorious sleep! Which resulted in my finding fresh motivation for the day.

I want to share with you what I have endeavored to do. I wish I could claim this idea as my own, but it isn’t. I got it from a friend who posted a photo on facebook the other day. It is truly Pinterest worthy.

I just purchased airline tickets for our little family to fly out to Wichita, KS next weekend to visit my in-laws. We’re going out for Joe’s brother’s high school graduation. Because we don’t really want to have to check more than one bag, we are going to have to brainstorm how to use the suitcase space to it’s best potential.

Packing for a baby requires twice as much as packing for an adult. Twice as many clothes + diapers + food/drink + bibs, etc.

Then I saw this idea.

I also have had issues with Piper having more clothing than her tiny dresser can fit. We don’t have any closets in our home so everything has to go in drawers or on hooks.

But this idea is so great that it should sold all our storage problems. At least where Piper is concerned. Don’t judge me for the clutter – this is P’s dresser.

As you can see clothes are peeking out, because they are stuffed in so tightly – folded.

These are not quite vacuum sealed. Actually what I did was put the garments in 1 gal. freezer bags, seal almost to the end, squeeze out air rolling from the bottom up, and seal off.

I’m not OCD, but the way I have these things ordered is pretty OCD.

I have everything separated by size, sets, and type.

Example: 12 mo. dresses, 12 mo. dresses w/ panties, 6-12 onsies, 12- 18 month long-sleeved onsies, etc.

Makes everything so much easier for boxing up when she grows out of them too! I have a feeling I’ll be bringing out her smaller sized clothing to bag very soon!


One thought on “genius clothing storage

  1. When Shane was growing up and going to camp this is how I would pack his cloths..One complete outfit in a back so he only had to pick which color for the day ..So much easier…It was getting the cloths back inside the bag because his ADHD got in the way of putting them back in the bag at the end of the day…

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