how do i get rid of stains!?

Yesterday I did laundry just like any other laundry day. I had diapers that needed washing, and a dress I wanted piper to wear for her aunt’s baby shower this weekend.

To my horror this is what I discovered upon pulling my lights/whites out of the dryer:

The only dark thing in the load was the bottom to the above shown dress. But I’ve washed the dress before and nothing ever affected previous loads.

I don’t even know if stains can be fixed after a garment has gone through the dryer.

I really have no clue how to get these stains out and I would hate to throw away the clothing. But let’s be honest, I’m not putting my daughter in these things to take her out if they are stained. UGH!

Does anyone out there in internet land have any helpful advice??


4 thoughts on “how do i get rid of stains!?

  1. i have found that hydrogen peroxide works pretty well. i just put some on a q-tip and dabbed at the spot until it faded. i have always used it on light colors though and rinsed it as soon as the spot faded. you might want to test it in an inconspicuous spot first. by the way, that dress is adorable! i hope you can get the stain out! good luck!

  2. p.s.- you might want to try cleaning your washer as well. i found a tutorial online for when i did it. it was really easy

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