thursday thanks

Taking time to reflect on God’s goodness, no matter the circumstances.

Thanking God for:

  • Piper’s lack of sleeping through the night this week out of nowhere. Don’t know why, but apparently we need to go through it.
  • a very active 9 month old who’s getting into everything! It’s actually quite fun if I have nothing to do.
  • grocery stores that stay open past 9pm so I can get my shopping done when my husband gets home late.
  • sisters who take me out so that I can have some time to myself.
  • a mom who is willing to babysit.
  • a husband who is a fussy eater, but also not so fussy that he wont eat Ramen when I’m stumped for something to make for dinner. (epic wife fail)
  • pain, hurt, sorrow, failure, stress, and things that go wrong because they make us better stronger people.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 “Give thanks in all circumstances for this is the will of God concerning you


5 thoughts on “thursday thanks

  1. Hey! Don’t feel bad about the Ramen! I am learning this too, now that I stay home. I sometimes feel guilty when supper is not what I had imagined in my head. Sometimes it really is better to choose sanity and a shortcut over stress. You had food, and though it might ot have been homecooked, it got you through the day. 🙂

  2. I am thankful you have the picky eater. I am not sure he would survive some of the things I have been creating lately. Let me tell you they are nothing to brag about.

    Piper looks very busy doing the laundry. Get’em started young!

    Also, I forgot to tell you guys I sent you a package. Should be there next week.

  3. Sometimes we mamas need to make an easy dinner. =] It’s nothing to feel bad about. I don’t know about yours but my little family is always up for breakfast for dinner! Easy and delicious!

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