soap fiasco

Our pine tar soap was running out and rather than spend top $ on soap at the store or on the internet, I figured it was high time I made my own.

I decided to make a batch yesterday, and had my mom help since she’s been making soap on and off for years.

She led me to a pretty cool device called a lye calculator, found here. It lets you punch in your ingredients in whatever amounts you are using and then tells you how much lye and distilled water you should use. Very handy.

While soap making is fairly simple in theory, yesterday I failed to add one of my main ingredients and it suponified too quickly so I’m not really sure how well the lye or pine tar were mixed in or how the soap will turn out. I tried another batch this morning, but again, it suponified too quickly and I’m not real sure how well my lye got mixed in. Time will tell.

I guess if at first you don’t succeed, try try again…right?


7 thoughts on “soap fiasco

  1. Of course try, try again! My first batch has been curing about 3 weeks now, I’m excited to try it! I’m thinking of doing another batch soon, as well. I hope it ends up coming out lovely!

  2. i tried making soap once- i was even the easy kind, where you just make bar soap into liquid soap. i still didnt get it right and now i have a giant container of snot-like liquid. we still use it though because i dont want to wate it, lol. i am hoping my next attempt will go smoother!

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