from the kitchen

I made my first successful homemade baby food last night. It came out PERFECT! I feel like I took on a bear. Seriously. My first try was so horrible that I just didn’t think I could do it. I may try green beans again someday.

baby food #1 / /

This is sweet potato. All I had to do was bake them in the oven (I did 4. 3 for P and 1 for me!), remove them from the skin (they practically fall out) and puree them in my food processor. Put in ice cube tray and freeze and then pop out and put in freezer bag. Voila. Easy peasy!

I’m so excited about my success that I’m trying to dream up what I should do next

I have bananas and baby spinach. I know I want to do my spinach raw. Would it be weird to do the two together? Maybe add apple juice?


3 thoughts on “from the kitchen

  1. There are tons of websites that are helpful, as well as some great cookbooks. When I made babyfood for Simon I borrowed quite a few from the library. Introducind new foods to little ones is fun! Enjoy it!

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