baby time!

Piper is modeling a Steelers sweatshirt for her Pap Pap, and homemade knitted blanket from her Grandma Bee!

:: right now ::

Right now,  I am:

:: relaxing from a day full of grocery shopping and cleaning

:: cuddling with my baby girl.

:: smiling because my husband has gotten to work in his garden this week.

:: planning homemade baby food meals for the first time this week.

:: hearing raindrops falling outside my door.

:: loving the curiosity that possesses my daughter.

:: following her every move.

:: dreading the prospect of picking the scarf project back up.

:: thankful for unexpected blessings that keep our family out of debt.

:: looking forward to new life in the form of babies (both human and goat), plants, changing seasons, and restoration.

:: praying for friends going through a tough time.

:: dreaming of a place of our own for our family to grow (in time).

:: wishing you a lovely day!


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