nap time sewing

I’ve wanted to get a few things sewn for a while. This morning while P was down for her nap this morning, I got the pieces cut out and started for one of my projects.

1. I want a towel/mat to lay underneath my dish rack.

I actually need to make a few of these for this purpose. My  dish towels get so yucky under there so quickly and I need something that will stay looking nice for a little while.

2. I want a grocery bag holder.

At the moment mine are all piled in a corner of my bathroom and looking very messy indeed. Which reminds me…that is an area of my home begging to be cleaned!

One of these things got made today!


I buy all of my fabric at Marden’s. They have the best prices for fabric anywhere. I got the floral print fabric several years ago for $2.99 a yard (their cotton fabric prices have gone up since) and the terry cloth was bought in the past month for $2.99 a yard. One of these probably cost me a little over $1.50 to make. Ding!

What have you been sewing lately?

Leave a link if you’ve blogged about it.



So I guess I was feeling rather industrious today.



5 thoughts on “nap time sewing

  1. I love it! Great print!

    I sewed some pads the other day, and I have great sewing plans tonight after the kiddo is in bed. My hubs has a meeting at church, so I’m thinking sewing, iPod in the dock and perhaps girl scout cookies. =]

      • Yeahhh… I got over it. =] It was easier when I was washing cloth diapers, I’d just rinse them out then throw them in with the diapers. And I like your bag holder too! =]

  2. Love them both! I usually use large cloth napkins or kitchen towels under my dish drainer, but I love the idea of making something extra absorbent to go underneath. (Especially since I once used a red cloth napkin that dyed my counter top a little bit pink! Eeep!) I haven;t sewn anything in a few weeks and was just saying today that I need to get sewing again soon.

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