poor itchy baby

My dad has psoriasis. It manifested itself on him while he was in the navy during the Vietnam war (he was stationed at home) and he was given an honorable medical discharge because it was brought on by the stress of his job and it covered 90% of his body. It is hereditary and manifests in every other generation.

Dad confirmed that Piper has it too. Right now it is manifesting on her scalp as a result of her teething, along with red bumpy dry patches on her back and chest. It is something she will have to deal with her entire life.

(please do not take or repost the following pictures. not even to Pinterest.)

I don’t know if you can see the scales.

Sometimes she wakes up in the nighttime because she’s so itchy.

I have to put lotion on her body a lot.

I have been praying for wisdom.

And the Lord is answering.

1. The first thing I started to do was to use pine tar soap. Something about pine tar helps to relieve itching and inflammation of the skin. I’m going to start making it. Soon.

2. I’ve stopped using all shampoos on her; organic and otherwise. This week I started using baking soda instead. I don’t remember the source, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that using baking soda to wash your hair would work in getting rid of dandruff. Since Piper has dry flakey skin on her scalp and cradle cap (which is related to dandruff) I figured it can’t hurt.

I mix:

1 tbsp. baking soda & 1 c. lukewarm water until dissolved, then dump the whole thing on her head and massage.

for adults, make an apple cider vinegar rinse using

1tbsp. acv & 1c.water. pour on hair and rinse with shower water.

Her hair started sudsing because of all of the previous shampoo residue. Gross. But then, her hair seemed much cleaner and even had some curl to it. So cute! I think I’ll be switching to baking soda for myself in the near future.

3. A friend of my family who is in her early 20’s has psoriasis as well, and so I asked her what she does to combat the breakouts and itchies.

She says:

Omega fatty acids & juicing.

I’m not a supplement taker. Joe and I personally believe that if you can get vitamins from foods, we should just be eating those foods whole rather than extracting 1 or 2 different things out of those foods. (We came to have this philosophy after reading Nourishing TraditionsDefense of Food and Real Food – sources cited in the resource section). We are currently doing our research for an exhaustive list as to what foods contain omega fatty acids (flax seed, avocado, fish, etc.). We will be doing our best to change our diet and  raise food to meet her dietary needs. It can only serve to be beneficial for the whole family.

Juicing should be fun. We can mix fruits and veggies together, and we can do all kinds of things with the resulting juice – smoothies, popsicles (perfect for this summer!), or just to sip from a bottle.

4. Lastly, I have been knitting her hats lately. Both because it is fun, and because I’m trying to keep man made, synthetic fibers off her skin. Especially in breakout spots. Only natural breathable fibers from now on.


Rayon, nylon, polar fleece/minky, latex, acrylic, etc.


Cotton, wool, silk, linen, leather, etc.

This is a hereditary disease, and so teaching all of my children (both now and future littles) to cope and care for this problem will not only help them, but generations to come.


8 thoughts on “poor itchy baby

  1. So glad that when you ask for wisdom the Lord answers. You are an inspiration Nicki. You are breathing life, wisdom, and blessing into your children and future generations as you seek answers.

  2. Poor little darling. =[ Look up the apple cider vinegar rinse as well, I know it’s supposed to balance the skin’s pH, but not sure if it would be too harsh for baby skin. Maybe very diluted?

  3. Jeramy had always had dandruff and I have it ever since giving birth to Simon. I never knew about the baking soda and plan to have all 3 of us try it out! Thanks for sharing your info, I am sure you will help others with similar experiences. Psoriasis sounds so uncomfortable! Good Mama for seeking out the best ways to help your little girl!

    • see the above comment by Melissa. Apple cider vinegar (I use Braggs) rinse is really good for balancing your hair’s pH levels. The only reason I’m not doing acv with P is because her body hasn’t started producing mass quantities of hormones. You and yor husband may want to do the acv rinse.

  4. Hey, Grandma Helen has it too and she has been putting JoJoba oil on it. I think it has helped her. You might try that.

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