the moment you’ve all been waiting for! (or at least i have)

My oven is in!!

Yesterday afternoon before he left for work, Joe and I brought up the oven. We weren’t sure if it would work since it was old, dirty, and we got it for $30 on craigslist.

I had to replace the drip plates under the range coils, because the originals had rusted out. As you can see there is one missing. That’s because I bought a pack of 2 large and 2 small plates. Only to discover that the range only had one large coil. So we won’t be using the back right “burner” for right now.

I used Dawn dishsoap and a magic eraser sponge to clean the oven top, and had to shop-vac out the underside of the range top. For the inside I picked up this stuff from the grocery store:

The selling points for me were that is was non-aerosol, fume-free, and biodegradable. No fumes in my apartment = good deal. I sprayed it all over the inside and left it for 2 days. Once it was in the apartment, I took a sponge and just had to wipe. Everything came up so easily, which for me was great!

I got to make dinner on it for the first time last night. That’s right, it works!

I think Joe thinks I’m nuts for being so excited about this oven. But it totally beats going back and forth, up and down stairs, with baby, diaper bag, pots and pans, meal ingredients, and finally a hot meal. It beats it by a long shot.

I am incredibly thankful, and my husband is the best for bringing my oven in for me.

This morning…bacon and eggs in our own home.

7 thoughts on “the moment you’ve all been waiting for! (or at least i have)

  1. Yay! Thats great! I remember the day our stove was installed. It was so nice to heat my first tea kettle on my gas stove. Then the first meal. Then the first meal with friends or family. Congrats 🙂

  2. when we moved into our house last year, we threw out the oven that was left there because it was EWW and disturbingly old. But then we didn’t buy a new oven for 2 more months so I cooked everything on the grill outside! I had a pretty good time coming up interesting things to make for dinner only using the grill. I kinnnnnd of wanted to not get an oven, just to see how long I could keep it up for haha

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