secret knitting

Ravenclaw Scarf  
Being knit for my brother with a deadline of May 1st 
*fingers crossed*

The past 2 days I took a break from the projects currently on my needles.

My sister-in-law (wife of my brother) is due to have a baby boy this June and is having a baby shower this month to celebrate. Yes she knows about the shower.

Since home made gifting is kind of my thing right now, I decided to make some cute knitted goodies for my nephew. I even went through the pains of taking pictures to post and show you all, because in my opinion they are quite adorable.

And then I realized…

Dangit! She reads my blog.

And so my darlings, I did have some cute pictures of tiny knitting to post today. Unfortunately you will have to wait until baby L.P.B. is born. But not unfortunately, because there will be an adorable baby to model them! If you can’t wait, there is a hint. I’ve posted them on my Ravelry.



From: M
Sorry I messed up your plans for your blog today! 😉
Tue, Apr 3, 1:10pm

I had to post this text from my sister-in-law because of how cute/awesome/funny it is to me.


4 thoughts on “secret knitting

  1. ummm… I’m on Ravelry now. We need to become friends. And then you can teach me a thing or two. I’m going hard-core right off the bat and attempting a blanket. !!!! And I want to see cute baby knits 🙂

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