a few updates.

Hello. Here are a few updates for you out in Blogland.

1 Last weekend’s SSFE Blog Hop didn’t go so well. Thank you to Inspired for participating. It also seems that no one is interested in giveaways. I just don’t think I have enough of a readership to start introducing fun interactive things just yet. Maybe I will in a year or two.

2. I am running out of inspiration for my weekly Self-Sustainability for Everyone post so…rather than doing one every week, I will do a post here and there in the series as I either think of a topic or actively participate in something I consider to fall into the category. If you, my dear reader, can think of a SSFE topic, please post a blog of your own and link up with Hipster Homesteading and comment about it! I’d love to get inspiration from you!

3. As a filler to take up the space where SSFE used to be, I will try to be more faithful in documenting the different projects I [plan to] undertake. Things such as:

  • cleaning and making over my oven
  • attempting soapmaking
  • joining the ‘no poo’ movement (this has nothing to do with excrement)
  • goat & garden progress
  • attempting cheesemaking
  • knitting, sewing, and embroidery
  • recipes
  • book & music reviews
  • mama-ing
  • etc.

4. Sisters, please check out my other blog, Broken Record Confessions, over the weekend!

Have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “a few updates.

  1. hahaha! “this has nothing to do with excrement.” I have considered doing the no poo thing, but i think I might just do homemade shampoo for a while…. I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  2. Your list looks a lot like mine! Looking forward to posts about no-poo., I have super-fine long hair so any amount of oil shows immediately. I keep saying I’m going to give it the good college try and I have now been procrastinating for a year…
    I am really interested in learning how to make lye soaps and I have cheese-making on my list too. Wouldn’t a whole wheel of homemeade cheddar cheese be amazing?!
    BTW anything you want to give away, I’ll take it 😉

    • we’ll see how the no poo goes. I also have fine hair that gets greasy over night. however, i’ve heard after you get past the “greasy stage” this no poo stuff helps your hair look fantastic! we shall see. I will post pics.

      I am really looking forward to making cheese. Dairy is my one weakness, I’m finding.

      We’ll try the giveaways again at another time. i haven’t given up on it completely!

  3. I will hopefully have many things to share that would fit in with SSFE in the future and will definitely let you know. We are in the home buying process right now and on the list after we move are: an herb garden, a toddler garden, and eventually a vegetable garden, eco/green home improvement projects, a rain bucket or two, composting, etc.

    We will also be continuing to learn more handicrafts, learn new hobbies, repurpose things…

    Stay tuned. 😛 I always enjoy your posts on the topic, as well as your posts about cooking and making things by hand. I look forward to reading continuing inspiration! 🙂

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