gifts from my mother

My mom is awesome. She made me these bags, and I have decided to use them for my knitting projects. My mother is the one who taught me to sew. I’m not that great at it, and right now I don’t have much time for it. So I am so thankful that I have these beautiful bags to help me keep some of my things organized.

Recognize the yellow bag? It’s my Everything Bag that mom made me as a diaper bag last year.

In a one-room home, organization is at the hight of importance. I am so ready to do my spring cleaning (and I’ve started doing it a little at a time). All the warm weather we had last week was so tempting to put away all of my winter jackets and sort through all of my clothes. But I know it’s only March and this cold, which came back, I knew it would.

So until the spring is completely upon us, All of my things will rest in bags, baskets and totes, stacked neatly about the “house.”


7 thoughts on “gifts from my mother

  1. I love the little zippered pouch. Your mom looks like a great seamstress! I love giving and receiving handmade gifts! I think we (crafters) appreciate a handmade gift a bit more – but I’m always a little nervous to give something I made to another crafter. Not that they’ll analyze it and figure out what’s wrong with it, but I think I always think that anyway. =p

    • i like handmade gifts also. it’s so special then someone not only thinks of you but also spends the time to make you something special.

  2. I am learning to sew and still have yet to make a tote. How awesome of your Mom to make these for you! My mom is the one coaching me to sew when she has time.

    I was ready to chuck the winter gear too, but hesitated and have been glad i did. I can;t wait till Spring stays for good!

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