my other blog

Dear Sisters,

Over the weekend I created another blog. I have had an account through blogger for a very long time, and abandoned my blogs there long ago. This weekend I decided to resurrect it.

For a while I have wanted to write something, whether it be a book, a long series of articles, or a blog about being a Christian woman. The Lord has taught me a lot over the past eleven years about being one, and I know I have a vast amount more learning to do. But sometimes I wonder why  a lot of Christian women seem to not have any guidance on what the Bible has to teach them about being Christian women. It seems like the church defaults to feminism on this issue.

I am not a feminist. I am also not a doormat.

My blog Broken Record Confessions (because sometimes I feel like I sound like a broken record over this issue) seeks to impart the things about being a Christian woman that I have learned, and continue to learn.

God has created women to be very strong, but has asked them to be gentle in that strength. Submission is not weak-mindedness, or subservience.

This blog will be much more geared toward spirituality than Hipster Homesteading, and I only plan on posting over there only once a week on the weekend. Go ahead and have a looksee!




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