self-sustainability for everyone: weekend blog hop

Joe shaved his mustache off. He looks Amish. Or like Abraham Lincoln. Or like he should play for System of a Down. Thankfully it will grow back!


You may have noticed, but on Thursdays I try to link up with A Rural Journal and do their Rural Thursday Blog Hop. It’s fun for me, and I feel like it gives my blog more exposure (in a very small way). I also just really like the idea of a Blog Hop. It helps me to be more focused on my posts.

So I decided to do one myself!

SSFE weekend blog hop / /

Here’s how you can join in:

1. Publish a blog post about

  • general information describing what’s happening in your  life pertaining to self-sustainability,
or a post relating to a self-sustained subject that will benefit all SSEF readers and participants,
such as
  • farming,
  • green living
  • green or rural-themed photography,
  • recipes,
  • urban or rural homesteading tips,
  • critters and pets,
  • DIY projects,
  • green or rural-themed giveaways
  • anything and everything that embraces living the simple life.

2. Please make sure to add the SSFE button from the side bar to your blog post and link back here.

3. Please link to your actual post and not your home page.

4. If you don’t have a blog, you are welcome to leave a comment below our post regarding the part you play toward being self-sustained.

5. Comments will close Monday morning sometime I determine appropriate!


Here’s a list of who’s joined so far (go check them out!):

1. hipster homesteading

2. Inspired


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  1. So, I am not sure about the blog hop but about the picture, Piper looks like she is saying, “uuu, okay papa. Are you being for real?”

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