baby time!

Well…I switched back to cloth diapers.

I got really lazy about using cloth when I got some reoccurring blocked milk ducts a few months back.

I didn’t want to have to deal with
being sick
and doing laundry
and cleaning yellow mess

Then I got better…
and Hannaford (supermarket)’s catalina machine started spitting out $2 off the price of Seventh Generation no-chemical diapers coupons
and it was just so much easier.

I am still getting those coupons


We have the cloth, and could better use our money somewhere else rather than throwing it out with poo and pee on it.


So I am now on day 2 of being back on the cloth wagon, and let me tell you…

it’s not that bad!

Piper has switched to eating solids
and her stools are also solid!
So much easier!

I love this warm weather and how cute she looks in her shirt & cloth diapers.
Plus I now have a good excuse to knit those adorable knitted soakers!

This could end up to be a beautiful friendship after all.


6 thoughts on “baby time!

  1. Awww. I miss cloth diapers. I used them exclusively on my first, and with my son until around 9 months (when I moved and no longer had a washer of my own). I swear, I actually have fond memories of hanging the diapers on the line (I used flats, not prefolds, so they dried in about 20 minutes!) while the baby slept in the sling. It sounds like work, but there’s something satisfying about that clean pile of freshly washed and folded diapers, and knowing how much money your saving… plus it’s nice not to have stinky trash bags full of yuck to dispose of…

    • I still buy disposable to use when she is sleeping at night (not naps though) and for when we go to church or go visiting friends and family. But still…we are still saving a WHOLE lot of money just doing that.

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