up to my elbows in knitting!

Remember that ball winder and swift I talked about? Well as a result I’ve been way more excited about my yarn and knitting as of late. I literally have 7 different projects going right now!

If you check out my Ravelry account you will see (in order of importance):

  1. 1 of 2 pairs of socks being knit for bartering
  2. [not pictured] a scarf for my brother that was supposed to be his Christmas gift
  3. a hat for Joe (he’s been after me to knit something for him for over a year)
  4. a baby hat for 1 of 2 babies I know being born this summer
  5. [not pictured] boot liners to test knit for the very talented Alicia Plummer
  6. a sweater for Piper (has been lying untouched since October)
  7. a shawl that I discovered unfinished that I was originally going to wear in my wedding

Apparently I’m not very good at staying on top of things…

Fortunately with this lovely weather we’ve been having, I’ve been making myself get outside with Piper. So while she plays on a quilt or sits out in her play pen, I get to just sit and knit while enjoying the sunshine!


4 thoughts on “up to my elbows in knitting!

    • COFFEE!!

      I just see all the lovely things on ravelry and my yarn stash needs to be taken care of, so I just can’t seem to help myself!

  1. I love all the knitting projects. Makes me want to knit more. I’m kind of amazed at the fact that you create sweaters and socks. Pretty sweet if you ask me. ❤

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