self-sustainability for everyone #5

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I know this doesn’t seem homesteader-y at all. I mean, contentment is something you feel, not something you do. But it is so important to the self-sustained lifestyle!

It is so easy to look at what you’re doing and know it is so worthwhile, and you are going to be healthier, smarter, more resourceful, etc. This is probably what motivates you to stick with it. But once the honeymoon period is over…

When you become self sustained, you have to make sacrifices. It’s just something that has to happen. Some sacrifices that you make you won’t have a choice over, some you will. But sacrifice isn’t fun. That’s the kind of stuff that will make you look at this life and really ask yourself, “Is this worth it?” You will have to constantly remind yourself why it is you do what you do. You may get depressed from time to time.

The goats and the pigs are going to escape. Your chickens are going to get eaten by foxes, raccoons, and fisher cats. The cow is going to get out and find the grain and you are going to worry if it overate and will bloat itself to death. The milking will be much harder that you thought and your hands will cramp. You won’t be able to go on those family vacations because nobody knows how to take care of your plants and animals like you do. There will be drought. There will be frost. You won’t be able to dress as fashionably as your friends because you can’t afford it, or it’s too frivolous, or you never go anywhere worth dressing up for.

You know it’s worth it though. Make the choice to be content. No matter what the circumstances. Make lists of the positive things that are going on, in order to remind yourself of where you are going and where you want to be.You are making progress toward your goals of getting out of debt, or building your own post & beam or log cabin home. Maybe you are getting fresh herbs from window boxes, or getting fresh eggs and milk daily that are giving you more of what your body needs! Whatever it is you are succeeding at, make note of it and be happy. Do not get discouraged by the things that aren’t happening, or that are going wrong. You’ll get better at those things over time and with patience.

Look at this is your life-long adventure, and a heritage to pass on to your family. What are you currently working on that his helping you become more self-sustained (don’t worry, nothing is too small)?

Next week we’ll get our hands dirty since March is time for planting!


2 thoughts on “self-sustainability for everyone #5

  1. I love this so much. Contentment is hard sometimes, but it feels so good to work hard for things that we need and sometimes things that we just want. =]

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