baby time!

So, I’ve recently heard (outside the blog) that a few of my readers are really enjoying my baby time bogs. Thank you so much! I can’t resist thinking my daughter is the cutest. She’s mine, after all. But it really makes me happy to hear when others feel the same way 🙂

Yesterday was such a gorgeous day that my mom and I went for a walk with Piper in her stroller. Boy, I’m out of shape!

I’m so happy this time of year has come and we can all be getting out of doors more and be a lot more active. With the way Piper is growing and moving around I’m certain to get my exercise this summer!

This shirt she’s wearing is a size 18 months, while she is just almost 8 months old. What a BIG girl!


5 thoughts on “baby time!

    • that’s funny you say that. Trisha has told me that your boy was the same size as my piper even though he’s quite a bit older. What a peanut! You must just want to eat him up!

      • Haha, yeah. He is always in like 3rd percentile for height and weight and people always think he is so much younger than he is when we are out in public. We get a lot of comments like: “He’s so little to be walking!” Haha.

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