for the love of yarn!

A friend came over last week and lent my mom and me her swift and ball winder. I cannot tell you how excited I was that she even offered! I have so much yarn and hate so much to wind it all by hand. Mom and I went right to work getting out all of our stashed yarn wound.

It is so satisfying to see my yarn all prepped and ready for knitting. It has motivated me to get out of my knitting funk and to get busy!

This yarn is Serenade. It is super soft (70% cotton, 30% angora) and will be knit into two pairs of socks for a friend in exchange for a pregnant goat. I’m so excited about this trade! I already have the red pair on the needles 🙂

This stuff is called Mohair Ragg and it comes from my LYS (local yarn store), The Spinners Warren. The woman who owns the place has her own sheep farm and this is some of her farm spun yarn – mohair and rag.  It is super soft and a bulky weight. I think Piper will be getting a few sweaters as I got 3 colors of this and 3 skeins each. The best part about this yarn is that it was free! Yes, there was a section of her store with yarns she was actually giving away! I couldn’t believe it!

On the agenda for this spring: Learn to spin on your spinning wheels, Nicki!

      * Spinner’s Warren 49 Foxes Ridge Rd Acton, ME 04001 (no web site available)

5 thoughts on “for the love of yarn!

  1. I love balling up my yarn! Really! =]

    And 2 pairs of socks for a pregnant goat? Sounds like you got yourself a good deal! (Although I have no idea what a goat costs…;])

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