good morning

Papa had to do some errands this weekend, so his girls begged him to take them along.  Piper is never so happy as when she is riding in the car!

Her taste in music now includes

Florence and the Machine
Shane & Shane
City and Colour

I’ve been trying to get her to crawl, because I know it’s important for babies to crawl before they walk, but she is constantly trying to pull herself up onto short furniture. When you hold her up by her hands she is putting one foot in front of the other to move forward. She also hates tummy time, so I have to endure her wails if I am to teach her to crawl. Motherhood may be rewarding, but boy is it tough!


6 thoughts on “good morning

  1. I read somewhere that the crawl before they walk thing is actually just old wives advice, and that if a kid skips right to walking it is perfectly ok. You might have an early walker on your hands! 🙂

    Love her hat! And between Florence and Feist she is a girl after my own musical heart! I have never heard of the last 2 artists you listed.

    • They say that research isn’t conclusive. However, I have a friend whos had kids who have walked before crawling and she said that one of her kids at 11 years old had to relearn to crawl and do lots of physical therapy as a result. crawling helps the two halves of the brain to work together. I’d rather not take my chances!

  2. Haha, Eric and Joe could be twins today. Seriously, exact same outfit (minus the hat) I am glad you all got a chance to get out together!

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