we like music!

Piper has been really into music lately. I noticed that she would turn her head to listen to the theme music from the BBC series Larkrise to Candleford which I recently finished watching.

This morning the little missy was being a little cranky pants which no amount of toys, clapping, or tickling could appease. But then I played a video from one of the blogs I frequent which featured music by The Black Keys, and she went from meltdown to glee! She shook her hands, kicked her feet, and started “singing.”

Needless to  say we scrambled to find if we had anything by the Black Keys on our computer (sadly only one song). Joe had 3 cds, but my computer has decided it no longer wants to rip music. Such a bummer, but oh well!

I think I will spend the weekend experimenting with the different music we have to see what she likes. So far she doesn’t seem to really be a fan on Fleet Foxes. Sad times. Maybe on monday I’ll have a list of things she likes and dislikes!


7 thoughts on “we like music!

  1. Black keys are great! My kids ended up liking alot of Ray Lamontagne, Incubus and now big fans of my mumford and Sons cd. It is so funny to hear them sing the song ‘sigh no more’ except instead of the lyrics “oh man is a giddy thing” they like to sing “oh man is a guinea hen”……music is so great. We are a one car family currently too and we like to listen to music to entertain ourselves….Gotan project is fun off Pandora and a mix of a bunch more! I love reading your little blog!

  2. LOVE this post. Madison just started “dancing” to music last night. She rocks back and forth and bobs her head if she’s sitting. If she’s in her tummy, she taps her legs and does the head bob. Of course, there are also big smiles. Isn’t this such a fun age?!

  3. I have loved discovering Simon’s favorites. Right now he loves Feist, especially the song “Graveyard” and will even try to sing the “oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ohhh” part along with it. He also loves all of the songs from our Music Together class that we do as a family. There is one song about jumping around and then flopping to the ground, and he jumps all around the kitchen and falls on the floor laughing, but he gets so excited for the flopping part that he does it over and over instead of just when the song says to. Haha, babies and music are so fun.

    Some Fleet Foxes might work out for right before naps, since they have some pretty subtle songs.

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