self-sustainability for everyone #1

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I’ve been struggling over what topic to talk about first, and this one has been assaulting me. I really didn’t want to make this one my very first topic. I didn’t want for people who this topic is completely irrelevant for to think “Oh, well this isn’t helpful at all!” However, if I am to be true to who I am, and to what I hold to be true, then prayer is foundational to this series and any other I should wish to discuss in the future.

If this is a topic that you don’t believe in, think is weak, or just don’t care about, I would ask you to check in next week when I will write about something more concrete.

I also don’t want this to come across as apologetic. I don’t apologize for my beliefs. I very strongly believe that prayer is essential to the self-sufficient lifestyle.

If you believe that The Bible is the true inspired word of God and account of the world, then incorporating prayer into your plans for your life should be your main priority. I think that so many times in life, people make both big and small life decisions and never consult the One who gave them that life. This is a huge failure! If we aren’t including God in our decisions, even the right decisions, how can we expect Him to bless them? If we do not have His blessing, how are we to bring Him glory? If we are not bringing Him glory, what is the point of any of this?

As you seek to work toward acquiring a self-sufficient lifestyle, you should be vigilant in prayer and the reading of The Bible. God created mankind and entrusted him with an entire planet to care for! What a prestigious honor! He also is the only one who can instruct us on how to do that job properly. We may have grand ideas on what is good, but if we aren’t checking those ideas with God then our ideas may not be as good as we’d like to think they are.

The great thing about prayer is it’s easy! You can do it anytime, and you can bring it with you everywhere!

This week as you are waiting to put your hands to work, fold them for a while. Bring your hopes, dreams, and petitions to God. Ask Him to give you some practical ideas specific to your living/financial situation that will help you toward living a life in accordance with His Word and His will.


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