bacon (and baby issues)

Joe tried a new method for curing his bacon this year.
We make what is called “green bacon” which means that we do not smoke it, only brine it.
It came out delicious!


I’m really excited about doing this series on self-sufficiency. The more I think about it, the more topics I’m coming up with. I think it will go one for quite a while, and it makes me happy to know that this blog may actually go somewhere!


I had black tea on Sunday. What a bad idea that was! Someone had told me there was less caffeine in black tea than in decaf coffee, and since Piper has no problem when I drink decaf coffee, I decided to try it out. Someone lied! Piper went from sleeping all night (10 hours) to waking up  and crying for 1 1/2 hours 2 nights in a row.

How long does caffeine stay in my milk supply?
How long does it stay in her body after mine?


3 thoughts on “bacon (and baby issues)

    • helpful yes!
      and frustrating because apparently my baby is uber sensitive to caffeine.
      of course!
      [starts singing] grace grace, God’s grace…

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