pig butchering

Well folks, I’m back after a long silence. Sorry. There just wasn’t anything homestead related going on.

Last week, my father and husband killed their pigs, and today Joe butchered half of ours. We received a wonderful link to a video on pig butchery from a friend, and dad and Joe have been playing it every time they butcher. It has made for a much better understanding for them on what they are doing.

Joe divided up the cuts of meat
I packaged them.
Joe started the curing of the bacon
I ground the meat up for sausage and future meat pies!

Other News / /

  • The apartment is done, and we moved in. Still waiting on our oven to be completely official, but we’re in!
  • My husband has been brewing beer which will warrant a post. Soon to come.

7 thoughts on “pig butchering

  1. Funny you should post because I totally posted for the first time in a year in mine too! Also, way to channel your inner Laura ingalls, I am a little jealous, except for the actual killing. I probably would have ended up naming the pig then saving it from death because…I would be too sad!

    • well…i don’t really hang out with the pigs, and by the time they get big enough for killing, you really wouldn’t mind. also, Joe kills, I just help him process it.

  2. Great pics! Love that u have a blog on homestead sustainability! I am currently working pn a blog. I just havent made it public yet. Keep on blogging- very interesting stuff!

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