apartment progress

There has been slow-but-sure progress happening on the C. residence. As soon as Joe put paint on the walls, I felt ready to move in! (My friends in Europe will be able to fully appreciate the small size of this place!)

Obviously from these photos you can see it’s still not liveable, but I’m 41 weeks pregnant and getting impatient. Haha!

Last night my brother and his friend came and ran the rest of the plumbing needed, so that when sinks and toilets are installed there will be running water. Hallelujah!

We also picked up our paint colors! We are using Duration from Sherwin Williams in Rainwash, and I can’t remember the bathroom one but it’s a shade of tan.

Prayerfully, we will be fully moved in by the end of the month!


2 thoughts on “apartment progress

  1. don’t hate me, but maybe the baby is waiting until the apartment is ready? I really hope not, unless someone just calculated your date wrong:/ praying the little one comes soon and the apartment gets completed faster than you thought!

  2. my midwife says that it maybe that my body isn’t ready to deliver the ready baked baby because I’m not mentally ready on account of the apartment not being finished. Whatever it is, God’s timing is always right.

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