last minute nesting

I’m doing my best to keep myself occupied getting ready for ‘Baby Corridoni’ to arrive. I’m loving all of the tiny things one can make for a baby!

This is the Double-Knot Stocking Cap which is a free pattern found on

These baby hats are made out of my old t-shirts which still hold some sentimental value to me. I used the Top Knot Baby Hat tutorial from PrudentBaby.

So many things left to do, but really…what to do next?!


2 thoughts on “last minute nesting

  1. Adorable hats nicki!!! Love the norma jean one! I was thinking of making a tote with my old ‘so far’ shirt but now I might put it away and do this someday! -Katrina

  2. Nicki, You are so creative! What a good mama that baby is going to have…for more than one reason. As I was looking at your list of things to be thankful for, I thought of 1 Thessalonians 5:18…and then scrolled down a little further and saw that you had posted that very scripture. Seems to me you have the right perspective on your life right now. Praying for you as the birth of Baby Corridoni draws near!
    Mrs Yokel

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